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A couple of days ago Beth had asked me if I had heard that Senator
Ted Kennedy had died.  I hadn’t as
I had been too busy to open my computer to check out news over the internet and
we do not have regular TV like cable or satellite TV. 


We are from Massachusetts, which, of course, is where the
Kennedy clan is from.  I have
recently been reading some stuff over the internet about Ted Kennedy, his life,
and his death.  I have never been a
registered democrat and particularly in sync with Kennedy’s views and positions.  But still a man that has shaped
American politics for better or for worse has died.


I have been thinking about the death of JFK and as many my
age I can recall exactly where I was when I heard the news.  I, that day, was on a 5th
grade school field trip to visit the sites at Plymouth, Massachusetts.  We had toured the Mayflower, the other historical
sites and of course saw the Plymouth Rock of which I took a dark, grainy photo
with my first camera that I bought by saving up enough S&H Green Stamps
which grocery stores would give you when you bought stuff.  It was beige, hard plastic and



We had returned to our school that day on the big yellow
school bus that carried along a 5th grade class of rambunctious kids
and I’m sure several harried adults and were met by an adult from the
school.  I can’t remember how it
all happen, but I clearly recall our 5th grade teacher standing at
the front on the bus next to the driver crying and telling us that President
John Kennedy had been shot dead.


I was in the 5th grade and really had no grasp
what had happened and its impact. 
And perhaps still do not.


Decades later our daughter was born in Plymouth,
Massachusetts and next year it seems that Beth again will run in the Boston Marathon
and I hope to go with her to encourage her, to work the water stop at
heartbreak hill and perhaps to visit Plymouth, Massachusetts one more time.


John McHoul



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