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Most of Haiti we cannot fix. 
There are 9 million people living on this tiny island and we can touch
only a few in our lifetime.  But we can do things that may ricochet
through time and space.  We may touch lives who touch other lives
through generations and changes can be made for the better. 
of missions is putting a band-aid where surgery is needed.  We have to
settle for a band-aid because there is no operating room for surgery. 
There isn’t even a hospital.  So many who care come and put on band-aids
which help for a while.
Our women’s program focus is on education. 
Light from darkness – empowering the powerless.  Teaching things that
will last for generations.  When a woman comes to Christ her family can
be changed for generations.  If a mom breast feeds her baby will develop
better, be healthier and a child who might have died will live.  If a
mom has a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery both she and baby have
a better life.
Today a small team went into a new area to bring about some change.  New ideas.  New thoughts.  Light into darkness.
Pele is a crowded ghetto area.  We have friends/employees who live
there.  A few of our groups have given out clothing, food and have gone
house to house praying in this area.  They have been well received. 
Simon Pele has, in the past, been known for violence and kidnapping.
it was known for a crowded green and pink house full of sweating
pregnant women.  Lois and Laura, Christian midwives  who are visiting
for two weeks, taught a basic lesson.  Don’t smoke, drink alcohol and
take drugs when you are pregnant.  Drink water, try to eat healthy
foods.  Take your vitamins.
We gave a months supply of vitamins to each woman.  We
checked blood pressures and got babies  heart rates.  We prayed and
treated each person with respect.  We’ll be back in a month with
another supply of vitamins and another lesson.
These lessons are
important.  Little by little love and respect can change thinking. 
Little by little knowledge can replace ignorance and more babies might
live, more moms might live, both might have a better quality of life.
was a good day.  A beginning.  A door opened to teach women who have no
prenatal care, no baby showers, no healthy food choices, most times not
even a dad in the picture. 
I am excited.  We’ll teach 30 pregnant
ladies at a time.  Thirty will talk to others, they will gossip, they
will hash over what we taught, they will listen and hopefully start
believing what we say.
When they believe us they will start making
better choices.  Better choices make for healthier people.  
might have been the only prenatal care some women have ever gotten or
will get.  As we give prenatal care each month to ladies who have none
we may be giving much more.  Hope, education and an opportunity to hear
about Christ.  And He makes the eternal difference.
Beth McHoul


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