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Today was one of those type of days that we have grown accustomed to living in Haiti.  It was a busy day for Beth as she and the midwives with us saw several ladies for what Beth calls "Pre-natal appointments.  They also had a missionary, who has decided to have the midwives deliver her baby, come for her visit.  We unexpectantly had 5 midwives, who were scheduled to be with us on Saturday and then leave Haiti on Sunday, actually come on Thursday.  A Haitian doctor who was working at the hospital where they had been working was murdered  so the hospital closed down and all the patients were sent home.  And the midwives came to us earlier than expected.

Beth’s car is still broken and so I am spending a lot of time on the motorcycle while Beth uses my truck.  Today I awoke to rear flat tire on the moto and so I had Renald and Jean who work with us wheel it to the corner where a on the side of the road tire fixer guy fixed patched the tire. 

While they were doing that I went with Junior downtown to do some money stuff.  While there I bought fresh bananas and avocados off the street.  It is avocado season and they are plentiful and cheap. As I was buying the bananas a guy came up and started speaking to us.  He clearly was not Haitian although he spoke accented Creole.  He said that he was Columbian and that he had just a couple of days earlier been released from Haiti’s infamous penitentiary.  He said that he and 3 others had been there for a year and a half as they were caught bringing a boatload of cocaine into Haiti.  He said that he was released after paying 200 thousand dollars American and now he was going back to Columbia in a few days.  I must admit I find it difficult to imagine him getting the 200 thousand dollars to pay for his release and after he asked us for a dollar so he could buy some water, I find it difficult to see how he will be getting to Columbia.  He said that he will be back though which, of course, makes me wonder even more who in his right mind would come back to Haiti after spending a year and a half in the penitentiary, 

   While downtown I was waiting next to a guy that was selling shoes on the sidewalk.  He must have had about 50 shoes of different styles and colors that he was selling laid out on the sidewalk,  but they weren’t  displayed in matching pairs.  He for example had a brown shoe next to a black shoes and a shoe of one design next to a shoe of another design and so on.  Imagine going to your local shoe store and opening a box and finding two different shoes in the box.  Well it was kind of like that.  I spent several minutes trying to actually match up the mismatched display and I did match at least three pairs of shoes. Somehow being on the street in downtown Haiti and standing next to the mismatched shoe seller seemed quite normal.

Getting back to our area I met with the owner of the house that the Buxman family will be renting.  I gave him the money for the rent checked on his progress in painting and making minor repairs.  He is a Haitian who has lived in the States for abut twenty years but who got laid off this year from his job.  He asked me if I could help him find a job and I thought that things must be pretty bad if he has come back to Haiti looking for work. I told him that I will look around for him.

Getting back to the office I sat in on a meeting of several women involved in our sewing school which starts again on September 7th.  I didn’t say much but was told that it was important that I be there.  These ladies are quite competent and amazing.

Finally getting to my computer I received an e-mail from a friend who had received an e-mail from a guy who has tried to get a visa to the States but who has been denied 4 times.  He, the guy who has been refused 4 times, has decided that if he can marry an American woman then he will stand a better chance of getting a visa.  I must admit that this is not an area that we have considered being involved with.  I mean what can we say, "Come to Haiti and marry a guy who has no money, no job, no vocation, no house,…"  Well actually we have seen this happen before but without our help or involvement.  I think that we will keep it that way.



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