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Matthew 25:24,25
the one also who had received the one talent came up and said, ‘Master,
I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow and
gathering where you scattered no seed.

25 ‘And I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours.’

I’ve been thinking about out rat problem and how they have been enjoying the rooftop garden.  Now if they only looked and admired it and found it a peaceful place to be, like several men will today when we meet on the roof next to the garden for Tuesday morning prayer, but no, instead they want to sample the vegetables, fruit, herbs and even devour some of them. 

We have quite a number of those snap down  break the neck type of traps and at least six live traps where the rats go into a little cage to get the food that has been placed inside the cage and then the door snaps shut and the rats can’t get out and they are then disposed of.  I will spare you the gory details.

I’ve been thinking about how sometimes when I get to the crèche, I see all the traps stacked up on a table and I’ll ask if we caught any rats recently and I will be told, "No" and when I ask why I will be told that the traps were not set out on the rooftop and in the yard.  It doesn’t help to ask why they weren’t set out because the answers won’t make sense.

Now it seems that the Haitian rats are quite intelligent and industrious in reaching their objectives in getting to the food and supplies that have been stored in closets, depots, cabinets, and so on; but I don’t think that they will set out the traps for us and set out the bait and catch themselves.

I’ve been thinking about the verses written above about how burying what has been given is like wasting it.  Kind of like the traps which serve no purpose stacked in a pile while the rats enjoy free reign.

I, last Saturday,  had been thinking about this off and on during the day.  Saturday afternoon I was at the practice of a new worship team from our church.  This team will be adding a Haitian flavor to the worship that they lead and did they ever sound good.  At about 6:30 I decided to leave since it had started to lightly rain and I was on the motorcycle since Beth’s car is still broken and she needed my truck (We can’t find an oil pump).  I called ahead to Beth to see if it was raining in our area and she said, "No" so I headed out to drive the six miles back home.  All seemed fine until I went about two miles and then it started raining and then after about one more mile down came big time rain.  It was the kind that stings your face while you are squinting to see.  Now in Haiti it is crazy enough to ride a motorcycle but especially so in the pouring rain.  The streets are slippery, it is hard to make quick evasive moves when another vehicle suddenly veers toward you or suddenly stopped in front of you, and you can’t see the mega deep pot holes since they are filled up with dirty water.  I couldn’t find a place with an overhang to get out of the rain and I didn’t want to stop since I wanted to get home and I knew that Beth had made homemade turkey soup.  So I pressed on soaked to the bone.  I was a couple of miles from home, when I remembers that some months back I had purchased a rain coat specifically to wear in situations like this.  And not only did I purchase it, but it was strapped onto the back rack of the motorcycle just a foot or two behind me.  By the time I remembered this, I was too wet for it to matter, but I did then think about the rats, and the traps not set and I did think about the verse about burying the talent and I then thought about how I had done the same thing with the rain coat.  I hope next time that I am in the rain, that I will remember the rats and traps, the buried talent and especially the rain coat.


We are working on getting the house ready for the Buxman family that will be coming to Haiti at the end of the month.  They have rented a house only a few minutes from the rest.  The owner has almost finished moving out and he is as of today only eight days behind as the contract started on September 15th.  There are several fruit trees in the yard, including mango, cherry, orange, egg plant, which I can’t tell if it is a bush or a tree, and a citron or lime type tree.  Yesterday when I was checking out the progress of the owner clearing out his stuff, I saw the yard man with a big bowl of citron.  They looked quite big and I suspect they were very juicy.  He was making sure that he got them all before he had to leave the house and the new family comes in.  I think that the cherries will be next, but the mangoes are safe since they are not yet ripe.


We have a midwife with us named Stephanie.  She is here for a few months and is staying at a room at the women’s center.  She knows that we are selling off the sistas, since they have passed their prime in laying eggs and they do a lot of eating and pooping but not much egg laying.  We have about 20 little chickens that we have hatched and we will be getting 80 sistas in December.  She asked if she could buy three sistas which she did for $12.00 US. Yesterday she went and selected the sistas she wanted and brought they to the women’s center where she had the lady that works there cut their throats and pull out their feathers and take out their guts and then she put them in the freezer to eat at a later time.  Now I wasn’t there for most of the carnage but I did arrive to find two dead sistas and the last one in the grips of the lady who was preparing to slice its throat as I was passing by.  Somehow she realized that I didn’t like what she was doing so she kept asking me to come closer and look.  I refused.  I do know that if Stephanie asks us over for a chicken dinner that my answer will be NO.


I wrote the above stuff early this morning and put it in draft and now it is late afternoon and I am back at it.

ROOFTOP PRAYER: Six of us met today and and prayed for about 45 minutes on the rooftop.
RATS: When I arrived at the boy’s house I saw lined up on the cover to the trash bin four rats which over night had been caught in the break the neck traps.
GRANDSON: Beth is in the States for the birth of our third grand child, but first grandson.  I haven’t heard from her yet and I am waiting.




  1. Nancy says:

    Hey John this is Marion and I wanted to let you know that I talked with Beth last night and dropped off 5-books for you. Mainly The Hole in our Gospel and then a few random ones. Hope to visit with you guys when we move jared and Jalayne down into your neighborhood at the end of October. Blessings to you guys and we are praying for you!

  2. John says:

    Hey Marion,Thanks for the books and the visit with Beth. I will be in the States (Missouri and Florida) from October 20th to the 30th. Hope that you will still be here.

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