Posted: September 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

September 24th was a big day for our family because our daughter-in-law Erika gave birth  to a little boy weighing in at 8 pounds 12 ounces.  He is our son Sam and Erika’s third child and first boy and our first grandson.  They named him Sam, which was my father’s name, it is our son’s name and it is his father-in law’s name and his brother-in-law’s name, and there is a sister-in-law named Sammi.

Beth with little Sam

I also was brought 5 whoppers from visiting parents.  I ate 4 of them and Junior took one.  I am working on forgiving him.

We have two midwives Joanna, pictured left and Stephanie pictures right that will be with us until December.  Beth met both these ladies when she was studying midwife stuff in the Philippines.   Notice that they are holding two recent puppies that now call the Women’s Center home.  I have let them name the puppies but am having second thoughts as who wants a puppy named something like: Contractions or Vitals or Broken Water or …

Beth has been in the States for the birth of our grand son.  She comes back on Monday.  I miss her.


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