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I get up to several dozen phone calls a day on my cell phones.  Most of the calls are related to various things that we are involved with here in Haiti.  I try to keep my phone conversation brief and Beth says that I often hang up on her, or close the phone, as the Haitians say while she is still talking.  That of course is not true, it is just if there is a two second lull then I figure that the conversation is over and I hang up.
Once every few months I get a call from someone who wants to know how I am.  I always wonder why someone would want to know that.

Yesterday there we three phone calls that we  received that I want to tell you about:

1, Beth and I were settling in for a rare evening at home alone, when Beth received a phone call about 6:00 PM from the midwives at the Women’s Center.  One of the ladies in the program was there and she was in labor.  This lady already has 5 children and just being at the Women’s Center and in labor was a MAJOR victory.  First she wanted to abort this child but agreed not to if we would take the child after she gave birth.  Secondly, she is HIV positive and she lives in abject poverty and is somewhat of a outcast from the other women. 
Beth called picked up Lisa and they went to the Women’s Center where Stephanie and Jonna were waiting with the mom in labor.  It would be a long night as the mom didn’t give birth until 9:30 the next morning.

2, While Beth as at the Women’s Center, where she spent the night, I got a phone call from a young man in our church.  He is a faithful member and worker in our church.  Now daily I receive several calls from people asking me for money.  He said, "Pastor John. I have a problem, my brother out in the village died today."  I admit I quickly calculated in my mind how much money I would give him to help with expenses.  He then continued, "I can’t come to this Saturday’s men’s seminar since I will be out in the village with my family."  And that was it.  Hanging up the phone, I felt ashamed over my presumption that he was going to ask me for money.

3, The last phone call was at about 10:30 PM.  I placed the call to Beth who was at the Women’s  Center.  I just wanted to see how it was going before I drifted off to sleep.  She told me that the neighbor heard glass breaking and was afraid that a thief was trying to get into her house or was already inside.  Some of the midwives heard the breaking glass as well.
So I told Beth that I will be right down.  I called the neighbor who said that she and others were upstairs in her home and that they were afraid to go downstairs.  Arriving at the Women’s Center I with the security guard checked out the yard and then tried to see what we could see in the neighbor’s yard.  We couldn’t see anything.
The neighbor called the police and they about 45 minutes later came.  They jumped over the front gate and it all reminded me of a cop TV show.  They had big guns and zigzagged across the front yard as they began to search the yard and eventually the house.  When they got inside the house they found that a cat had knocked a glass plate off of a shelf and it with a loud noise had shattered on the tile floor.
Case solved and all were relieved although the neighbor was somewhat embarrassed.
I went home, Beth and the midwives remained  committed to staying until the child was born, which happen at 9:30 the next morning.

It is 9:09 PM as I write this blog, still plenty of time for more phone calls.

John McHoul



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