Posted: October 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
It is 9:20 PM on  Friday night and where is Beth.  She just left with Stephanie, one of the midwives, and with Tara and Paige Livesay who just came in today at 5:00 from several days in the States where Tara ran in the Twin Cities Marathon and raised a ton of money for children in Haiti.  Where are they going?  Well they are on their way to do their midwife thing on or for a missionary, their first one,  who decided some time ago that the midwives ladies and helpers of Heartline should deliver her first child.
So off they go into the darkened streets of Haiti to what midwives and helpers do. 

Just talked to a friend who flies for the UN.  He was understandably upset as today a UN plane crashed in Haiti (UN PLANE CRASHES) and all eleven on board were killed.   PLEASE PRAY!



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