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When I think of the reasons why the shepherd boy David was able to kill the Philistine giant Goliath, several reasons come to mind. David, of course, had God with him and David as he went forward to fight Goliath went in God’s name and in strength given to him by God.
But before David was able to stand before Goliath, he had some other battles to overcome.  These battles first had to be won before he could stand before Goliath.  And if David had not stood before Goliath, he would not have defeated him.  David’s  position was important or essential in the defeat of the giant Goliath.  Read about it in 1Samuael 17.

David was not even considered man enough to be at the battle where Goliath stood challenging the army of Israel.  He was given the job of watching the sheep while his older brothers had joined the army to fight the Philistines.  He was then sent by his father to bring food to his brothers and to the captain of the army.  While there he heard Goliath’s challenge to the Israel’s army he was upset and he offered to face Goliath himself.  But to do this, David first had to overcome some obstacles.

His brothers derided him and reminded him that he was just a sheep watching boy.  He then was reminded by King Saul that he was nothing more than a mere boy and Goliath was  a giant.  He then  had to overcome the burden of King Saul’s ill fitting armor.

You probably know the rest of the story.  David took off Saul’s armor and laid down the sword and picked up three smooth rocks and with his sling he faced Goliath.  Although he only needed one smooth stone.  And he knocked Goliath down with the sling thrown rock and then cut off his head.

Now I suggest that David could not have done this of he was back looking after the sheep as his brothers wanted.  He couldn’t have killed Goliath if he had listened to King Saul who derided David because the was just a boy.  He would have had a hard time slinging the stone if he had been laden down with the Kings armor and he wouldn’t have killed Goliath if he had followed the example of the army of Israel, that shook in fear and retreated from Goliath. 

David killed Goliath largely because he stood in front of Goliath and just getting to stand in front of him was not an easy thing to do.  His position of standing face to face with the giant determined his condition as the victor. 

There are times when we MUST push through the obstacles and objections and struggles and difficulties and opinions of others to be in and at the place, the position where God would have us for His expressed purpose.  Am I suggesting or saying that David would not have defeated Goliath if he had listened to the naysayers?  Yes, I am saying that.  Am I suggesting or saying that we will not have the victories that God desires if we are not in the position where he would have us?  Yes, I am saying that.   POSITION DETERMINES CONDITION!


John McHoul

  1. Jannie says:

    So true

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