Posted: October 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
It has been a joy to be here in Joplin and especially seeing our friends the Rices and three young people that were a part of our lives in Haiti.  Joseph is the teenage boy that the Rices adopted a couple of years ago.  He actually lived with Beth and me while in Haiti.  He is doing so well as he grows and matures. He is excelling in school and in sports.
Dina is a young lady whom we have known for years and who in Haiti was the tutor for the older kids in the creche.  We were able to work with the Rices to enable Dina to attend Crowder College here in Missouri.  She is doing so well and ding excellent in school.  Bethsabe is a young lady that we also have known for several years in Haiti and who was a major part of our lives and church and she as well was able to travel to Missouri and attend Crowder College.  She as well is doing super and she has really impacted the church which she is attending, where they call her Beth since they can’t say Bethsabe.
I as well will be seeing some adopted children that we have in the area.  It is such a blessing to see what God has done in the lives of those who once lived in Haiti and some who perhaps would not have survived if not adopted by families that love and cherish them.

I talked to Beth this morning over Skype and she, the trooper that she is, is doing well.  It looks as if her vehicle may actually be ready this week after several weeks of being broken.  This is good timing since while on the way to the Port-au-Prince airport on Tuesday, a bunch of idiot lights came on in my truck which did not look good.  As soon as she gets her vehicle, mine will go the the fixer guy. Oh, well Beth just e-mailed and said that her vehicle will not be ready until next week.

Please pray for Beth and the several dozen others who will be attending a Ladies’ Retreat this weekend in Haiti.  The topic is FINDING YOUR WINGS.  We have about 20 from our church attending and from Heartline we have 8 ladies attending.

A FEW LINES (One line actually) FROM DINA:  I’m happy to be here and thankful that John and Junior came to visit us this week.

FROM BETH (SABE): I am so happy to see John and Junior, I missed them so much and I hope that they will come to see us again.

Nothing like a couple of coerced lines.

Well in a few minutes we will be off to see the sights: WALMART & CHINESE BUFFET.



  1. Johny says:

    God Bless you guys

  2. John says:

    Oh, say it again!!!

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