Posted: October 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

We continue to see the sights of Joplin:Walmart and some great Mexican food.  Last night we attended Joseph’s soccer game which was held in light rain and about 40 something degrees.  I was glad to see Joseph start for the varsity team although he is only a freshman.  I must admit that it is the first soccer game that I have ever attended as I find soccer kind of boring or actually I find it extremely boring.  Perhaps about as exciting as curling.  Check here to find out about Curling.
And was it ever cold and wet and cold… VERY BORINGLY EXCITING to see Joseph play and to have the team win.  Although seeing a soccer game would not be on my list of thing to do before I die, if I had such a list, I was glad to see the game and even happier to get in the warm car.

In a few minutes Junior, Dina, Bethsabe and I will be visiting with Brain and Meri Rogers who adopted two children, Sophia and Sage, from us some years back and Meri is on our Heartline Board.

Left to Right: Sage, Junior, Sophia

                                                                                                               Bethsabe & Dina


We are back from the Rogers and it is such an encouragement to us to see Joseph, Sage, and Sophia who were once in our children’s home in Haiti and now in families where they are loved and cherished.  looking at them, I can’t help but wonder where they would be if they had not been in the children’s home and adopted by such wonderful families.



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