Posted: October 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
Our time in Joplin ends tomorrow as we leave at 5:00 AM for the airport and fly through Dallas and then on to Tampa.

I am VERY PLEASED at how well Dina and Bethsabe are doing and in a large part due to this success story Heartline is establishing a Scholarship Fund to help future Haitian students study in the States or Canada. 

Joseph is excelling under the Rices care.

Junior has been sick which I’m thinking is due to the enormous amount of ribs that he has consumed during our days here in Joplin.

We are thankful to the Rice family for their graciousness in hosting us.

While in Sarasota, I will see our two children and three grand children including our newest grandchild Sam.

While in Sarasota we will visit the Holocaust Museum which is in the area.

Beth just e-mailed and told me that her car is finally fixed and in her hands. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shortly after I return to Haiti on October 30th, I will go shopping for the "Group Truck" that will serve to transport the groups that come to work at Heartline. Thank you for giving to make this possible.

Check out this link and be blown away at the numbers and wonder how print media can stay in business.



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