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We the past couple of days have had a few firsts.  We have a couple of first time visitors and that is always interesting as they try to process all that they are experiencing.  It is kind of like putting 5 gallons of water into a 1 gallon jug.  It won’t all fit and lots splashes over.   So we have a lot of first timer’s questions, thoughts, answers to Haiti’s problems and delight as Haiti bores its way into their hearts.  First timers keep us fresh and creative as we at time have to think up answers to questions that we stopped asking many years ago.  IT IS A JOY TO HAVE FIRST TIMERS.

Yesterday we had a new generator delivered at the Women’s Center and started it up for the first time.  Now it doesn’t have the new car smell, but there is something about hearing the rumbling of a generator in our yard since the one that we had has been broken for months.   Now, this means that the midwives will no longer have to do deliveries by candle light, when the power is completely out.  This means that when power is lost completely, that the generator can be started so at night the squadron of mosquitoes can be kept away  by the blowing fans.  It means that the sweat that engulfs like a blanket when the fans are off at night can be kept away.  THIS IS A GOOD FIRST.

                   Junior & Don trying to fix the broken Generator     New generator being put on the ground with a hoist      Sewing ladies helping to push and pull it in place

Last night we had the first class of our Creole Language School.  It was very exciting to see the 5 missionaries there who want to learn Creole so that they can communicate with the people of the country to where God has called them.  Kind of makes sense that one would want to do that.   I recently read a statement by a missionary that went something like this: I loved the people enough to stay up late and to get up early to study their language so that I can tell them of God’s love.  HOW EXCITING IT IS TO HAVE FIRST TIMERS WHO DESIRE TO LEARN CREOLE.

Beth and the midwives and helpers recently were blessed to deliver the baby of a FIRST TIME MOM.  She below writes about it.

Marie Lucie is 22, poor,
single and without resources.  She has been faithful to our program for
months now.  She arrived yesterday morning in labor.  Like most first
time moms she was sure she was almost at the end and the contractions
surely couldn’t get any worse.  We knew we were in for a long day and
night when we saw that in reality she was not very far along.
are always busy with 20 prenatal women,  women wanting pregnancy tests
and anyone else who shows up at the gate.  We leave exhausted on
Thursday late afternoons.  When Marie Lucie came in in labor at 9:00 AM
we knew we were in for an extra busy day.  A 15 year old pregnant girl
from Simone Pele showed up wanting to get into the program.  Another
lady wanting to give her baby for adoption.  Another with a four day
old who she hadn’t breastfed at all since birth.  This gal had
delivered at home since her labor went quickly so she was not with us
for us to instill in her the things she had been learning in our
program.  Breastfeed right after the baby is born.  We were all
burdened with heaviness at the sight of a failing baby and a mom who
didn’t seem to understand that baby needed to eat – continuously!  We
have taught this a hundred different ways!  How could this mom have
missed the message?  Discouragement filled the room.  A visitor,
Gaylene, sat with mom for hours teaching her to breastfeed and how to
care for her baby. 
attention was now elsewhere.  Women needing prenatals.  Busy midwives, 
Staff doing their jobs, filling in paperwork, feeding moms to be,
checking vitals, making sure women had their vitamins.  Dealing with
the heartbreaking issues that face these women daily. 
Marie Lucie
labored through the day.  Women with bellies almost as big as hers 
poked their heads in to offer encouragement and check out their
future!  Marie Lucie informed me when her labor was taking hours too
long and  that all our other women had delivered quickly.  False rumor!
the house emptied except for the several of us involved in the birth. 
What a team this young girl had.  We labored with her, walked with her,
prayed with her, helped her and finally caught her baby.  As if in
direct contrast of the morning’s event when her baby was born she
declared "I have to breastfeed him right away like Madame John taught
us!"  We all cheered and the discouragement of the non-compliant mom in
the morning lifted.  This girl listened in class and put it to action. 
A baby off to a healthy start!
Several hours later Marie Lucie
left for home with a baby boy.  A victorious event for us all.

First Time Mom & Baby

Beth McHoul

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