Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
Port au Prince Fellowship is the church that I agreed about 10 years ago to temporarily pastor for a max of two years until we can get a real pastor.  Well, I am still there and we are waiting for a real pastor to come who can shepherd the people.  Yesterday church was as usual full with people sitting outside.  The worship was led by Troy Livesay with 10 others on the platform serving as singers and musicians and it was sweet and at times quiet and at times loud and rocking.  We always have an order of service but don’t always stick to it.  In the service yesterday I, three times, turned to Troy and said we are not yet finished so let’s sing and he quickly starts it, the projector people find it and put it up on the screen and the church starts to worship.  The song service usually lasts for about an hour but yesterday we sang and worshiped and prayed for about an hour and a half.  I gave an abbreviated message and we ended service with singing and church got out at about 11:45 or about two hours and fifteen minutes after we started.  It was a good day and I was tired but not yet finished as I had an elders’  meeting after church.  So we went to a local fast food place and wolfed down some food we wished we hadn’t eaten and headed back to the church.  We arrived in time to see the singles who were meeting after church just finishing their meeting.
At the elders’ meeting we discuss church stuff and we of course prayed for various concerns and we spent quite a bit of time discussing missions.
Port au Prince Fellowship supports not only missions in Haiti but also in Africa and in Brazil.  We do the pledge thing where once a year we emphasis missions and people make monthly pledges and we then set our budget.  Plus we give add 10% of our general offering to our missions’ fund. 

I was pleased that when we wrapped up three hours later we had decided to

  • Make January our missions’ emphasis and faith pledge month
  • Increase the amount that we give to missions from our general fund to 20% up from 10%
  • And begin to support two missionary couples in Iraq and one in Egypt and a Haitian family that is  serving in Africa.  We as well are looking to support in Haiti a national organization that is specifically doing child evangelism, and we are considering supporting another ministry specifically working in evangelizing children.

I have an ache for the persecuted church and for those who have not yet even heard the name of Jesus and of God’s great love for them.
Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted because of their faith in Christ.  Please pray with us for the untold millions who have not yet even once heard the Good News of the Gospel; and pray with us that the Lord will send forth His people to proclaim His love to those who have yet to hear.

John McHoul


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