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I really the like selection below by David Fitzmaurice, the pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Joplin, MO.

Sider makes me uncomfortable. Who is Ron Sider? First and
foremost, he is a Christian who loves God and believes that we
Christians should also love God. So far so good. But he wrote a
book many years ago that still bothers me. It’s called, Rich
Christians in an Age of Hunger. I was reminded about this several
times recently. First, someone gave me an old copy of the book.
Thanks at lot. Then we had a fund raiser for some of our former
members who are serving as Haiti missionaries. And finally, I
watched a video called the Advent Conspiracy. Basically, the video
makes a statement about Christmas and how we are caught up in the
consumerism and not on the birth of our Savior. I have to agree.
One church I read about reminded itself that Christmas was not
about them but about Christ. On their video screen, in large
print were the words, “IT’S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY!” What if we did
something incredible this year at Christmas and tried to match our
gift-giving with our giving to help people around the world? I
wonder when it comes time to give, if we think long and hard about
where we are, and where other people are here in our community and
throughout the world. Maybe we could start our own conspiracy. Let
me know what you think. We are really praying that God would show
us how to make the greatest impact for Him this year. God calls us
to change our world. What can He do through you? Oh, and by the
way, take time at Thanksgiving to really thank God for the many
wonderful blessings He has given you this year.See you Sunday,

Pastor David


Please Help us – December 18th we need to be at $18,052 to receive 10K more

Hi Heartline Team,

I want
to offer a $10,000 match towards the Heartline ambulance. I am so
excited about what y’all are doing in the women’s program. Thank you
for being the hands and feet of Jesus to these women. I love y’all’s
unique approach and the way you love the women and serve them. And more
than anything I love the women of Haiti and agree that they deserve the
best care that can be provided to them!

I graduate from Texas
A&M University on December 18th and my Dad offered to get me a car
as a grad gift. I have a perfectly good and actually really nice car so
I asked instead if I could have the equivalent amount of money to
donate to the causes of my choice. My Dad said yes but only if I took
time to really pray about where God wanted that money to go and where
it would most glorify Him. I have prayed about donating to the purchase
of the ambulance for a few weeks now and after reading the last few
posts I know this is exactly where God wants this money to go to
glorify Him.

I am so excited for all that Heartline is doing
right now and can’t wait to continue to follow the journey on the
blogs! So, I will match up to $10,000 raised by my graduation date of
December 18th when I receive the money. I mean honestly I want to send
the check no matter what but I want to motivate others to give also! I
so badly want y’all to reach that goal!!! The ambulance is such a
necessity and I know God will provide!

love in Him,
Anonymous Graduate from Texas

Checkout the Heartline Runners at  RUNNING FOR THOSE THAT CAN’T



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