Posted: November 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

hi mom
my turkey dinner was great!!!! kinda turned out ugly because the
skin peeled off cuz i cooked it upside down and then it stuck to the
bag. 😦 but everything else was great and your gravy was
great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) so, i have officially conquered the
turkey. 🙂 only one meltdown and tony (her friend) was horrified. lol!!! but he
doens’t understand that i wanted it to be beautiful and YUMMY and look
like yours and it didn’t. oh ya, all my stuffing fell out and became
mush with the drippings. lol. oops. but i strained it out and mixed it
with the other stuffing i cooked so it turned out. :):) just wanted to
let you know how it went officially.
love you so much!!! miss Thanksgiving at your house.
You really made a lifetime of impression on me on how where 4 can
eat so can 6 and that if we’re squished together to fit at the table
more reason to talk and enjoy. :O) I remember how at any night of the
week dinner ranged from 3 to however many ducks* dad brought home and
you always made sure that there was leftovers and everyone (even the
ones you LOVED TO PIECES ) felt welcome at your table. My friends still
talk about it. I love you so much. I hope that my home is a place where
anyone can sit down and eat and feel comfortable like yours. (even if i
did hate it when i was a teenager)
love you.



If Morgan, thought that our visitors were a bit weird, she would be sure that the bread was put in the "odd duck" basket.  It’s funny how the "odd duck" visitors seemed the most normal to me.


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