Posted: November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
American Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the holiday that we here have the largest gathering of people that come together at one of houses of a Heartline missionary.  Thanksgiving Day this year was celebrated at the home of Don and Lisa Buxman, who did a great job hosting the celebration.  Yesterday, while I didn’t count, we were expecting 70 plus people to be there and I’m pretty sure that we surpassed that amount.  We had from just our mission at least 35 people including adults and children.  We had people from others missions there and about 15 short term visitors from the States.   There was a mess of food, and laughter, and celebrating as we here value the times when we can gather together en mass.   It is especially a meaningful time for those who are new in Haiti and perhaps this is their first  time away from family on Thanksgiving Day. 

Dominic Tlucek in costume

Thanksgiving is the one day that I especially like to follow certain traditions, with one of the most important being getting up in the middle of the night and eating the crust off pies.  Beth hasn’t seen the crust less pie yet but I’m sure she will unless I am able to eat the rest of pie before she gets up.  I will try.

As often happens, many of the young people sit together and make lots of noise

As with our own children, it is times like this that will leave lasting memories for the young people and will I expect be part of the story that they someday tell their own children about their life in the Haiti, the land of unlimited impossibility.



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