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Since I wrote the previous entry about our efforts to take possession of the GROUP TRUCK that we ordered and paid for at least two weeks ago, I yesterday, was back at the dealership following up on another "definite." The salesman told me that we would definitely have it yesterday at 1:00 PM. 
I confess that growing up I didn’t pay a lot of attention in school, so I decided to look up in several dictionaries the word "definite" just in case it could mean: maybe, perhaps, hopefully, if the creek don’t rise, possibly, perchance, or wind and weather permitting and not  positive, certain or sure, which the various dictionaries confirm it does mean. I guess the only thing certain here is the old adage : BELIEVE NOTHING YOU HEAR AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE.
While I was there yesterday, the salesman asked me for a copy of the contract.  I told him that I had never signed a contract but I did give him a check for the full amount of the vehicle.  He found it hard to believe that he hadn’t had me sign a contract.  I suppose he was practicing the believe nothing that you hear thing, and he rummaged through the piles on his desk and looked around bewildered.  He finally walked out of the office and came back about 10 minutes later with the contract on which I signed 4 times.  I still don’t have a copy of the contract.
He then assured me that I today can at 1:00 in the afternoon to get the truck.  He told me that he has received the authorization to give me the truck.  I was glad to hear that  although two day ago he had told us that all was set and just the plate had to be put on the truck.  I guess one should not underestimate how long it takes to put a plate on a new vehicle.  Perhaps on day one remove a screw, on day two remove the second screw, on day three put on the plate and one screw and on day four put in the second screw.  Makes me glad that the plate doesn’t have ten screws. 
I was glad that he now has the authorization to now give us the truck; although I wondered to myself if all the others times he told us the truck would be ready what kind of authorization he had during those times.
Oh, well, we will go today remembering to believe nothing we hear and half of what we see.


Normally I am not a tea drinker, but when I have one of those snot running out of your nose colds, I resort to tea with some lemon in it.  I don’t know if it helps but I do it anyway.  So this morning I got to the office with a rolled up wad of toilet tissue sticking out or each nostril to help stop the flow of snot from coming out of my nostrils.  Since I still have the dictionaries next to me I looked up the word "snot" and it among other things is defined as "nasal mucus" although I have never heard someone use those words in place of snot.  Maybe nose doctors use nasal mucus instead of snot, but if I was to tell someone that he had some nasal mucus on his nose, I suspect he wouldn’t understand me.  Perhaps if snot is too strong of a word, it could be called "nose matter."
Anyways, so I am here at the office looking for good old American tea, like a Lipton tea bag with the little string with the paper handle.  But instead all I found was a box of assorted teas with names like: CALM, PASSION, AWAKE, REFRESH, CHINA TEA TIPS, ZEN, TAZO CHAI, AND EARL GREY, which is what I think Higgins on the TV show Magnum PI drank.  So I have resorted to having the two rolled up tissues stick out of my nostrils to keep the flow of nose matter or nasal mucus from falling onto the floor.


A couple of days ago Tara Livesay asked if I could find a card table that she could use for her kids that are being home schooled.  Now it seems like an innocent request, but to a person that became a Christian in what once was a holiness organization, but by the time I came around it was steeped in legalism, it is not a simple request.
For some reason, people don’t believe me when I tell that that I am steeped in legalism which I consider a joy stealer and an insidious replacement for the holiness that God has for us. Maybe because it is the way that I look and dress, I don’t know.  So I hemmed and hawed a bit and tactfully, ok not so tactfully, and accusingly asked Tara if she meant a table on which  her children could place their school material and do their school work in their pursuit of education.  She assured me, at least with her mouth,  that  is exactly what she meant and that she didn’t mean a card table at all.   I this morning gave the table and will be back later today for them to sign the "I agree not to with this table" list.  I think that I can still remember the list from the first church that I joined.   


  1. Unknown says:

    Are you talking about the table the kids have been using to play poker on?

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