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Yesterday in church, it was my privilege to give the message where I spoke about my mixed emotions of the Christmas season.  The angel in Luke 2: 8-14 told the shepherds about the birth of Christ and that it was "good news of great joy for everyone."  They go on to proclaim in verse 14: Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth, to all whom God favors.
I have mixed emotions in that there seems to be so little peace on earth.  I find mixed emotions in that of the world’s population about 33% is classified as Christian and that is with a broad stroke that includes all that call themselves Christian, weather they are protestant, catholic, or various sects.  That leaves 67% of the world’s population that have not accepted or received this good news of great joy, that the angels spoke of.  And among that 67% according to statics I have read, two billion people have yet to hear about the "good news of great joy."

What a difference all of us could make across the world if we would concentrate on helping someone somewhere else that lives in abject poverty and or ignorance.  Someone who simply is not able or capable to help themselves.    I like the following words of Frederick Buechner: "The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."

I recently read that: "A Christian is one who makes it easier for other people to believe in God."   I pray that this will be true in the lives of all of us that proclaim Christ as our Lord.  Richard Sterns writes in THE HOLE IN OUR GOSPEL: "When we say that we want to be His disciple, yet attach a list of conditions, Jesus refuses to accept our terms.  His term involves unconditional surrender."

I pray that we during this special time of the year will be God’s gift to others and especially to those that can not give back.


We continue to raise funds by sponsoring the Heartline Runners as they prepare to run the Disney 2010 Marathon on January.  The goal is to raise enough funds to purchase an ambulance/multipurpose vehicle for the Women’s Program.  Recently a lady who the day before had given birth at the Women’s Center was picked up in a tap tap similar to the one pictured below.  Except that the driver couldn’t start it even after hitting the battery several times with a big rock.  So I and a few others who were here had to push the tap tap to get it going.  I at the time, thought that it shouldn’t be this way and I was glad that were working toward getting the new vehicle. 


We have a little more than one month before the close of this endeavor.  Check it out at www.heartlinerunners.blogspot.com

Check out our Heartline video at




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