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We have just added 80 new sistas which very soon will be giving beautiful brown eggs that will given to  the children in the creches, the ladies in the women’s program, our workers, and then weekly the excess will be sold and we will buy the chicken food with the proceeds.  We transported the sistas in two dog cages using the group truck that we recently purchased.  They didn’t seem all that thrilled about it but the several roosters we have  were quite happy and active when we got the sistas out of the cages and into yard.  The sistas are  settling in and the roosters are thrilled.


Coming back from where we got the sistas we stopped at a place that says that it makes keys in one minute (not true) to have some duplicate keys made for the truck.  Now in Haiti, you sometimes can find a place that actually uses a key making or duplicating machine that actually works on electricity.  Many places just put the master key in a vice and a blank key behind it and they use a couple of hand files to make the duplicate.  Surprisingly this works and no electricity is needed to do the job.  Well the key making place is a dingy little place in what looks like a bombed out building.  So I was quite surprised when the key making guy pulled out a key duplicating machine.  Now it must have been at least 50 years old or more but it was a genuine key duplicating machine.  I watched as he placed the master key in its place and then along side of it the blank key to be copied.  I saw the electric cord connected to the machine and wondered where he would get the electricity to make the machine works. He then proceeded to place the machine on the ground and with the cord just laying on the ground he with the hand turned the pulley that made the machine copy the master key.  Now he had to do it a bunch of times, but it was fascinating to watch and I as so very often walked away with admiration for the ingenuity of the Haitian people.  


We at the women’s center have not received a bill from the government owned electric company for months and so yesterday I asked Jean, who works with us, to go to the electric company to get a bill so we can pay it and so we won’t get cut off.  Here in Haiti, not paying your bill because you did not get a bill is not sufficient reason to keep the electric company from cutting you off. 

So Jean went and came back with no bill in his hands. When I asked him why he was not able to get the bill, he told me that the government controlled electric company did not have electricity and so they couldn’t run their computers to check on our bill.  Maybe they didn’t pay their bill.  But we will try again today to get our bill, hopefully the electric company will have electricity today.

Living and enjoying life in Haiti



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