Posted: December 18, 2009 in Uncategorized
Yesterday we again tried to get an electric bill so we could pay it because we don’t want to be cut off due to lack of payment but of course we can’t get the bill because the electric company office in our area has no electricity because of the blackouts.  It would seem that they would have a small generator to run the office so that people could come in and pay and take care of business, but no.  We will try again today.

A couple of weeks ago I broke a front tooth while I was eating some hard candy.  I at least am glad that I broke it on candy and not on something like broccoli or spinach or some other vegetable.  Yesterday I went to the dentist to get it fixed.  This is the same guy who won’t give you a shot for the pain unless your practically convulsing on the floor from pain.   I was in the chair for about an hour it seemed and as he was wrapping up he told me to bite down and move my teeth back and forth.  I did it and he told me to do the back teeth which I tried to do but couldn’t.  So now he a tad aggravated and he says it again and I tried but I couldn’t.  All the time I’m thinking but not saying since my mouth is full of dentist stuff and some of the dentist’s fingers, I would close my back teeth if only I had some.  I guess for some reason he couldn’t see that there were no back teeth to bite down on.
When he finished, I noticed that the repaired tooth is a bit longer that the one next to it.  I just figure that it is kind of like job security and that the longer one will wreck the lower tooth that it keeps hitting and I will soon be back in his chair.


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