The Marathon

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
Running has been a passionate
part of my life for 14 years.  I ran my first Marathon 8 years ago, the
same week I became and grandma.  Running in Haiti has its obstacles and
one needs to work through them to make running a part of your life. 
It’s hot, steamy hot, the roads are full of rocks, people, vehicles,
animals, pot holes, dead things, sun and the occasional mocker.  When I
started running I was alone.  Haiti’s only 40 year old, white, pony
tailed, shorts and tank runner.  I was an oddity to be sure.
Deep in
my soul I knew God was calling me to run.  Scoliosis keeps my form from
being beautiful, I’m not a gazelle. I’m just an odd white lady who
knows that running and praying are what I am supposed to be doing most
During my first marathon, Disney 2002, I prayed one
line over and over for the five hours it took me to finish.  "God,
glorify yourself in my running".  Here I am running Disney 2010 with a
team of 15 who have raised $60,000 for an ambulance for Heartline’s
women’s program.  He has indeed glorified Himself in my running. 
ambulance will make a difference.  We hear stories over and over of
gals that go into labor in the night and deliver at home without a
skilled attendant because they have no ride to the clinic, a hospital
or to get help.  They suffer alone and sometimes the consequences are
God has put Heartline Women’s Program in place.  The
ambulance is one more thing that will make this program run well and be
a life saving arm of this ministry.  Women shouldn’t suffer and perhaps
die because they didn’t have a ride.  Traffic is beyond imaginable here
– a wailing ambulance type vehicle will make it through the crowded
streets better than a regular vehicle.  It will sit at the clinic,
ready and waiting for use.
Many people have made this happen.  Hundreds.  People who know that women deserve a safe birth and dignity. 
gave money, 15 will run, countless numbers of Haitian women will
benefit.  Amazing how God answers the prayers He puts in our hearts.  I
do believe that God has glorified Himself in my running and in the
running of many others! 

Beth McHoul

Those that wait on the Lord will find new strength.  They will fly high on wings of eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

Last night we had about 30 people at our house for a pasta dinner and for a time of worship, prayer and foot washing specifically for Byron, Shelley, Chelsey, Tara, and Beth who are leaving Haiti today and tomorrow to run this Sunday  in the Disney 2010 Marathon.  They are running for those that can’t and you can check it out at Running for the Womens of Haiti.  They are running to raise funds to purchase an ambulance/multipurpose vehicle for the women’s program.  The cutoff date to give is January 17th. 


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