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Some of the Heartline Runners after finishing their races.

Today was a labor of love by
a lot of people.  We were freezing before the start!  When the
thermometer read 26 degrees we agreed that it was a cruel joke.  26
miles in 26 degrees.  Not easy for those who live in Haiti, not easy
for those who live in the States.  We had a record number of "potty
stops" due to the fact we did not sweat!  Stopping
sent chilling winds through our layers of clothes – we kept going. 
Slow but sure.  None of us will brag a new PR but we can brag on God
who kept Tara’s leg from hurting.  She could barely run a week ago.  We
can brag about Jen Pearson who signed up to run the night before the
race and finished well!  Amazing women.  We can brag that new runners
and old-pros, moms, dads, adoptive families, and young people ran.   Many had
never run a marathon before.  None quit.  None said the chilling wind
was too much. None said it was too freezing.   None gave up.  All
crossed the finish line! 

much as I prayed for beautiful weather and sunshine I knew that
suffering made the gift to the Haitian women a greater one.  As we ran
through Epcot, the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom I thought of
the how the Haitian women we serve will never go to Disney, never see
this place.  How fitting that we labor uncomfortably for hours as we
raise money for women who have life so difficult.   We paid a small
price so they can have a ride to the clinic or the hospital.
We had
a great team.  Most of us only saw each other at the start and at the
finish.  We paired off and ran lost in conversations, prayer and
watching for the next mile marker.  Finally the mile 26 marker was in
sight.  Finally 26.2 – finally home!

Beth McHoul


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