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7:34 PM

It has been a busy day as I have been out and about and trying to look after the various efforts of Heartline Ministries here in Haiti.
We as a group did meet this morning and we have decided to go ahead and on Monday open up a clinic to treat those who have yet to have their wounds and injuries cared for.  I spoke to a couple of guys that live in the inner city area where our midwives go and they told me that there are still many just in his area that have not been treated.  He as well told me that many of the bodies of those who have died are now just being discovered and that they are being placed in an empty field.
The plan then is for long time friend Dr. Tom McKnight from Niceville, Florida to arrive Sunday on an airplane coming in with doctors. He is bringing with him supplies and money to help purchase other supplies.  We as well will gather as many supplies as possible and with other medical personnel treat those who have been injured in the earthquake.  The clinic will be open 7/24 but we as yet are not certain of how many weeks we will run the clinic.
We are especially looking for those who have expertise in treating wounds  and trauma.  We expect to see broken bones and infected wounds  and injuries due to being hit by cement blocks.  If you are at all interested, please e-mail me and I will put you in touch with our contact person who in coordinating this effort in the States.
Our biggest concern is our ability to stay stocked up on the medical supplies that we will need.  We as well have concern about how we can keep the electricity on as we have no city power and getting diesel for the generator is at this time not possible.  Yet today when we met we sang, prayed, read God’s word and talked and all were in agreement that we should do this.  And so we have started to get the women’s center ready and we will work feverishly to make this happen. 
We can really use your financial help as we add this outreach to what we are already doing.  You can donate by pressing hereTHANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!!

We also have moved the children and nannies to the girls’ home, which is the most secure of the two houses.


I, a couple of days ago, wrote about our friend Patrick who was trapped for 18 hours under or inside his house that had collapsed on him.  Well both he and his wife, Barb were able to make it to the States where Barb had her leg amputated below the knee and where Patrick had his arm amputated.  Patrick is now is serious condition with a collapsed lung and kidney failure.  PLEASE PRAY!!!


Today I was downtown and was amazed at the damage done to some of the government buildings and especially the National Palace.  And clearly the stench of death permeated the air.


Today, even though we do not have a lot of cash to  work with we were able to get 150 sacks or 6 tons of cement,  and a couple hundred bars of steel and some other material for rebuilding the walls of the creches.  We will need 3000 cement blocks and truck loads of sand and gravel, which we are not able to get yet as they are not available.  We still have not been able to remove the debris which is spread across our street as there are no trucks available to haul it away.  I was able to get the materials from a place near us where the owners, that I know well said, "John even if you had money we wouldn’t take it; pay us in a couple of week."  I am very grateful for their generosity.

Rubble from one of our broken walls

Loading 150 sacks (6 tons) of cement onto the group truck, which we then transported to the girls’ home.

We hope by next week to stat to actually rebuild the wall.  This is dependent on our being able to have the rubble hauled away and if we can buy sand and rocks.

Your prayers and support do matter and Heartline is making a difference!

John McHoul
Port au Prince, Haiti

  1. Stan says:

    Any more news on Patrick and Barb? We and others here in Canada are praying.

  2. Stan says:

    Just talked on the phone with Rachel, Patrick & Barb\’s daughter, and got the following encouraging update: Patrick did have fluid on his lungs, but they weren\’t collapsed and he has no broken ribs. His kidneys did shut down temporarily due to dehydration and toxins & he is on kidney dialysis, but they are working again slowly. He is still in ICU. His right arm was amputated, but he is left-handed. Barb\’s right leg was amputated below the knee (she\’s calling it Stumpy), and they may have to do a little more surgery to make sure there is no infection." Keep praying. Blessings on you, John.

  3. John says:

    Glad to hear that they are getting better. I today called our daughter Morgan and she was on her way to see them in the hospital. We have know Barb and Patrick since we have been in Haiti and Patrick was our first Kreyol teacher.

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