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3:43 AM

It is 3:43 in the morning and the sounds that I hear outside are of people praying in a church nearby and of planes landing and taking off at the nearby airport and of music coming from a radio nearby and of course of barking dogs and roosters crowing.  There is the smell of propane in our house coming from the almost completely empty propane tank that we use for cooking.  We have one more small tank that we have in reserve.  I am hoping that we can find propane in the next few days.


  • Yesterday I was able to fix the broken water pipes at our house so now we have running water coming from the roof gravity system.
  • Yesterday Don Buxman and I were able to fix the broken pipes at the office so now we will have water from the rooftop gravity system, once we reopen.

I know that it doesn’t seem like much, but believe me, to us it seems huge.


The kids and nannies again spent the night sleeping in the front yard of the Buxmans.  The are safe and secure.
 Safe: def-. free from hurt, injury, danger
Secure: def– free from or not exposed to danger or harm; safe; in safe custody or keeping; affording safety, as a place

This is a big thing.


  • We have a group meeting of the Heartline people to pray, worship and talk about things.  We have many offering to come and help, but of course, for most this is not possible as there are no commercial flights.  We do have some doctors that will come if we give the word.  Are we ready to do this and can we be prepared?  We will pray and talk about it later today.
  • I borrowed a gallon of gasoline from a friend to put in my motorcycle and will try to locate some of the people that we have been asked to try to locate.


  • Looking for loved ones in Haiti?  Press here to post their photos.
  • Disturbing photos.
  • If you have family in Haiti and are having trouble reaching them, the
    state department can help. It has set up a hotline for Americans
    looking for relatives there: 1-888-407-4747.
  • Earthquake in pictures

One of our security guards who came to our house the night of the earthquake.  We have not seen him since he left to try to find his family.


  • For the aid workers that have come to help.  The task is enormous and it can at times be frustrating and for sure stressful.
  • For comfort for those who have been impacted by the deaths and injuries of loved one.
  • For those who have lost homes or have had them severely damaged.
  • For our nannies as they continue to give care to the children.
  • We at Heartline meet today to consider opening up  the clinic at the women’s center to those who injured in the earthquake.  This is not an easy thing as we have to consider if we have the resources, personnel, medication and supplies to sustain it.  We do not want it to be show business 
  • Pray that Beth is able to get in as she has been stuck out since running the Disney Marathon on January 10th. She desperately wants to be here and it is possible that she, Byron, and our daughter Morgan, who is a
    nurse and fluent in Creole and French will arrive today on a specially
    chartered flight out of Fort Lauderdale. 

I will update later today.

Your giving will make a difference

Endeavoring to be the hands of Christ in Haiti,

John McHoul
6:57 AM

  1. Joel and Julie says:

    John we have been diligently praying for you all with the many tasks God has put before you and prepared you for, in some way, to handle. I read that you borrowed fuel to try and search out people you\’ve received requests for. I can only pray that you received our email about Sousi and Sève. They are still "missing". We are searching for help in any form to try and find them. We do have some leads. I cannot fathom how busy you are and how strained and weary, but if you cross paths with anyone who could help us we would be extremely grateful. All we were waiting on was USCIS approval and visas. So close, but God has said wait on Me. We will not cease praying for you and that which God has called you to for His glory. http://www.seasaltmosaic.blogspot.com / joel_n_julie@hotmail.com

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