Posted: January 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
8:26 AM

  • The American children, 12 total,  of the three families (Buxmans, Tluceks, Livsays) working with us were able to fly out of Haiti last night on a military flight to New Jersey.  They were escorted out by visitors who as well left on the same flight.
  • We at the women’s center have turned on the generator to give water to the neighbors. 
  • Viola, one of the cell phone companies here in Haiti, is now working.
  • The Heartline Group will be meeting at 9:00 AM to pray, praise, review and plan.  Please pray with and for us.
  • We do not yet know if Beth, Byron, and Morgan are able to come in today.
  • We will start to generate clean drinking water, with a system from Hay’s Pure Water for All Foundation, which was given to us by the gracious people at World Wide Village, to give to those that do not have clean drinking water.

Leaving for our meeting.
Please pray!


  1. B says:

    how are supplies getting to you? are they getting there at all? The Buxtman\’s were featured on a news channel here in Denver. We are praying that God uses you in mighty ways for His glory at this time. . . some friends and I are working on getting some supplies together to send, but understand that there is no place to send them just yet. Please let us know of your needs, we are working on new clothing for children and women so far. . . . what else could you use?

  2. Debbie says:

    Dear John and Families–I am extremely hopeful that our prayers are being streamlined from the good Lord above to all of our brothers and sisters in Haiti who are in dire need of blessings, wisdom and strength. More financial assistance will be coming through to you and your community in the coming days. I will continue to pray deeply for all and especially for you John that you remain steadfast in your endeavors and that our Lord will keep you safe and enable you to do what needs to be done to persevere. I also have Beth, Byron and Morgan in my thoughts and prayers, cousin–keep that faith in the forefront of your heart and soul–God is good after all!! Praying hard!Peace,Debbie

  3. James says:

    Dear John and Beth, This is Teresa White in the DR. Agape and Rachel were here for one night originally headed to Haiti. Now that their parents have been taken to the states, their plans changed and they are on a plane as I am typing this for Miami. Unfortunately they amputated Barb\’s foot. They also amputated Patrick\’s arm, he has collapsed lungs and is on a ventilator in intensive care. Thanks for your prayers.

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