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10:10 PM

It has been a long day.  I am thrilled to write that the chartered plane carrying Beth and 8 others actually arrived at the Port au Prince, Haiti at about 10:20 this morning.  It was scheduled to arrive at 10:00 and we received a message saying that it had not received clearance to land, so Don, Troy, and I prayed as we waited and of course the 9 passengers heading for Heartline prayed as well.  We were able to get onto the tarmac where we saw the group standing next to the plane. It was a joy to see them and did they ever bring a lot of supplies.  Among the passengers were several medical people and two more that came on a flight for doctors a couple of hours later.

We squeezed the group and all their supplies into the group truck where we unloaded the supplies at the women’s center and had a meeting to discuss the clinic that will start tomorrow.   And then we spent a few hours preparing the supplies for the clinic.  Please pray as we endeavor to be the hands of Jesus to the people that we see.

We in two pickup trucks took the group on a tour of the city so that they could see some of the areas that suffered much more damage than our area.  Although I have seen the destruction several times, I am still amazed at the damage caused by the earth quake.

Please pray as we face the struggle of having enough fuel and supplies to run the clinic.  We have not had city electricity since Tuesday, the day of the earth quake. 

Please as well consider helping financially so that we can obtain the supplies needed to run the clinic.  Please click here to donate.

We are thrilled to have our daughter Morgan come in with the group.  She grew up in Haiti, is fluent in English, French, and Kreyol, and is a emergency room nurse.

We as well on this group have three doctors and two EMT/Paramedic people.

All of those that came on the plane that are staying with us are sleeping as they last night had very little sleep and they worked hard sorting the  supplies and of course the tour of the city can cause a bit of sensory overload.

Yesterday Troy and I were driving through out various parts of the city and he took several dozen pictures. I’m not sure why, but this picture of several men carrying a  casket to a cemetery is the one that strikes me that most.  On the street in front of the cemetery were a few dead bloated bodies lying on the street and what seemed to be a couple of bodies that were being burned in a fire.  But this scene touched me the most.

The area really had the stench of death and most of the people had something covering their faces.  I stopped a few times to give people waiting for rides a ride just to get then away for the area.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the person in the casket who had died and of the men who were carrying the casket.  The person must have been special to them.  They must have cared for this person to go through the effort and expense of caring for the body and of buying the casket.

There, I have read, have been up to twelve thousand people who have not been identified and have been buried in a mass grave outside of the city.  I saw a photo of bodied being dumped into big trucks by front end loaders.  I wonder how many of those had family members that will never have the closure of a burial in  graveyard.

It makes me sad.

John McHoul

  1. Stan says:

    Praying for you. It must be heartbreaking. So glad your wife is there.

  2. Marva says:

    So glad that Beth is back with you. We will continue to pray for the recovery of the people and that help will be available to all.

  3. kathy says:

    Thank you for the updates. So glad Beth and Morgan and others are there now. Praying…

  4. Steeve says:

    This is Steve Hall from Niceville. Thanks so much for the updates. We are forwarding the link to all our local supporters for Tom. Please hug him for us all. We are praying and fasting for the work of Jesus in the form of a little clinic in a wild place.

  5. John says:

    Hello John, My name is John J. Labby, I am Nikki Skovron Filostin grandfather. I live in Seabrook, NH and haven\’t seen Nikki for 7 months. Please tell her that her Family love her. I am sending your web address to everyone I know and asking them to do the same. Thank you for all the good work you do. The people of Haiti are blessed to have each of you. I sent a request to our congresswoman Carol Shea-Portor to try to assist yoou in getting fuel. God Bless..

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