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10:21 AM

I about an hour ago returned from the slum area with the people in the back of the group truck.  Most could not stand or sit and had to lie down in the back.  They are now being seen by the doctors.  I later will give a full update.
I have just given Junior, my assistant $1000 and sent him to  the Dominican Republic with a Haitian police officer to try to buy diesel and gasoline.  We are low and it will impede what we do here if we can’t find fuel.

More later

12:54 PM

We continue to see patients, many with infected wounds.  We are discovering that a number of injuries  caused by falling blocks need xrays and so Dr.Tom McKnight has made contact with the Israelis Hospital and it is there that we are transporting these patients.  There are some that have injuries too severe for us the treat and we as are transporting them to the Israelis Hospital.

I have not yet heard from Junior to discover if he was able to get fuel over the border in the Dominican Republic. 

We are so thankful for the group truck as without it we would not have been able to transport the people here.

Tomorrow after we again transport people from the slum area, we will go into the Dominican Republic to bring back medical supplies and more fuel.

All the docs, nurses, and helpers are doing great.

Please pray, pray, pray!

More later.

3:11 PM

We have just received several new patients of which only one could walk in.  The rest had to be carried and are in pretty bad shape.

It has been almost 5 hours since we had Junior go to the Dominican Republic for fuel and I just got a text message from him that read, "Negative." It is hard not to be discouraged.

Thank the Lord for the three small 1000 watt gasoline generators that we have to run the lights for the doctors to see and for us to keep up the internet.

Please pray!!

More later

10:26 PM

We were able to get $800 worth of diesel and we have more coming in a couple of days. And we hope some gasoline in two days.  Thank you for your prayers.

MORE DOCS: We have 7 more docs coming in tomorrow which will give us 11doctors at the clinic. 

AMAZED: I am amazed at what we are seeing at the clinic. It has been 6 days since the earth quake hit and people are coming in with ghastly wounds and injuries.  As I was leaving tonight at about 9:45, they were working on a young man who looked as if part of his body had been put in a large meat grinder.  They were in the process of amputating one of his little fingers as I was leaving.   I wondered where he had been the days following the earth quake.  

Also as I was leaving, Beth was working with one of the docs and was irrigating a wound.  I watched as she squirted the solution into the wound  which was on the top of a teenage girl’s foot and then I saw it come out the bottom of her foot.  She, it seems, had a metal rod go completely through her foot, leaving about a half inch round hole through her foot.

I could go on but I think that you understand.

We tried to transfer some of the more serious patients to a hospital but we were turned away because the place was full, so the women’s center now has about a dozen people who will stay at the women’s center as they are too sick or injured to be moved.  It looks as if we will transfer the more serious cases to our boys’ house which is empty due to about 75% of the wall being destroyed because of the earth quake.

The docs and helpers are still there treating people, making it a 18 hour day and they still aren’t finished.

The best way we know to say thank you is to do the best we can to be the hands of Christ here in Haiti.

The docs and medical people and helpers have been just amazing. 

We will send out an e-letter and pictures I hope sometime tomorrow.  We, today, have been crazy busy!!!

Your giving is making a difference.  Donate here  and help us make a difference as we in many instances save lives through this clinic.


  1. Unknown says:

    I know u r very, very busy. Could u please post the location of where your medical clinic is? I am in the US but am trying to get help for a little girl in Port-au-Prince who has a horrible back injury. I belive she is in delmas 33. Her family is afraid to move her, they don\’t know where to take her. contact me at or just post the location here.thank you so much for all you are doing!

  2. John says:

    We are in Tabarre at Rue Gelin #6.What is the address where the girl can be found? Do you have a phone number for her?

  3. alicia says:

    praying for you and the clinic!! I know the Lord is going to do incredible things today!

  4. Unknown says:

    John, thank you so much for getting back to me and giving me the address. I have a phone number of someone who could get you to her or let you know where she is. His name is Scneider Dorcela and phone number is 345 474 02. He may be around AFCA village, Delmas 33. I am not quite sure if she is close to there or not, i was under the impression she was. The little girls name is Edeline. I am trying to get more information.

  5. Unknown says:

    John, a little more information. Her name is Edaline Joseph. Father\’s name is Edner and he is the gatekeeper at AFCA Village in Delmas 33. He is at AFCA village now (6:03 pm eastern US time). THank you for anything you may be able to do for her. She is a child who is sponsored by one of my good friends and we have been trying to get her help.

  6. David and Peggy says:

    John and Beth, We are holding you all up in prayer, asking God for your continued protection and that He gives you the strength and stamina to keep doing His work in such a difficult time. So thankful that Beth and Morgan are back in Haiti. I so appreciate the blog updates. I sent an email to everyone on my list encouraging them to give. I hope some of them responded.

  7. Jenny says:

    I am working with the group from the Jimani project clinic. I know this is a bit away, but if you have seriously injured patients that may offer some help. Maybe some supplies possibly. They just had 100 Puerto Rican medical personnel set up a field hospital with surgical capabilities. If this is a possible help for you, I can try to connect you to those there and see. Please just let me know: God bless you all!

  8. John says:

    To all of you who have written thank you so much! Your prayers and support are making a difference.

  9. David says:

    My husband and I are friends of Lisa and Don. We live in Greeley. I wish we could be helping hands right there. But for now we give financially and pray pray pray all day long… I think of you all- all day long!Lori and David Smith-

  10. Debbie says:

    Have Tammy let me know what other supplies is needed.

  11. John says:

    I will let Tammy know

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