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5:45 AM

Yesterday morning at about 7:00 I was sitting at this same table trying to answer the many e-mails that I am backed up on when we had a brief but powerful 6.1 aftershock.  The three of us at the table moved somewhat to get out of the house.  The thing about an aftershock is that there have been so many and you can’t just get heading for the door every every time you have one and so by the time you realize that the one that you are having now is more than just a little aftershock it could be too late.  The house right across from where we live had the top floor collapse.  The women’s center had existing cracks grow wider.  It wasn’t a good thing.

Most of my day was spent on the road in heavy traffic and on the tarmac at the Port au Prince airport waiting for planes with supplies that have been sent to us and waiting for the next wave of doctors.  The airport is crazy busy and could be mistaken as a military airport with so many military planes for various countries.  I eventually put in some ear plugs as the sound of the jet engines could be painfully load.

The clinic continues and so many of the cases have been horrific.  I can’t help but feel deep sadness that theses people that suffer so much are suffering even more and seemingly just lying  on the ground near their homes without having seen a doctor.  Some had seen a doctor but their injuries are now infected and for some life threatening.

I think that Robert Rice will post some videos some where.  I’ll let you know.

We were able to have some of more serious patients transfer by helicopter to the US based Comfort Ship.  That is a big blessing!

Yesterday we had our first death at the clinic.  A woman was brought in that had been hit by a car but he dies shortly after arriving at the clinic.

It is safe to say that we are all extremely tired and I expected that we will live this way for some weeks to come.

We have not had city power since the day of the earthquake and so we are running off of generators.  There seems to be fuel available and we should have some coming in that we bought several days ago.

Please continue to pray.


Please continue to donate as our costs are rising.  You can donate here.

Some links:

We are seeing tens of thousands flee to the country side to get out of Port au Prince and now again the Haitians are fleeing by the sea in small boats.  Click here for more information.

Hospital ship greeted by Haiti’s stark reality

We will try to give  more complete update, but we are extremely busy and by the time we get home we are tired and try to sleep, but sleep doesn’t come easily.


  • For the people who have suffered so much.
  • For the families that have not seen their loved ones since the January 10th earthquake.
  • For the Heartline crew as we endeavoring to be the hands of Jesus here in Haiti.
  • For our children and the various government officials that we (Tim, Megan, Ruth, Jennifer) are working with to get our Maranatha children to the States.
  • For finances and support that we need to continue.

More Later,



  1. Krista says:

    John, thank you so much for the updates despite your exhaustion! There will never be words to decribe the gratitude that all of us who are unable to be there to help have for all of you who continue to be the heart and hands of God to so many people in need. Thank you for your work!

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