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Yesterday was a crazy busy day with some pretty serious injuries and today we had a rough start.  When we arrived at the clinic there was a young woman holding a baby girl and a young man waiting for us.  I am not a doctor but I could tell that the child was in serious condition.  I had to leave for several minutes and when I came back I could tell that something was up.  I entered the yard to find several people milling around but no one spoke.  I walked onto the front porch and found several people peering into the front door and to the right.  I walked into the house and stood among a few people who, with deep concern, were looking into the room where the doctors work.  I looked into this room and saw several doctors working on the infant child that I had seen several minutes earlier,  and she was lying on one of the tables that we are using for the patients.  No one was saying much, but they each seemed to know what to do and for over twenty minutes they worked to revive the child , but it was not to be and the child died.  There was sadness and tears among all involved.

A few minutes after the child was declared dead one of our Haitian security guys asked why some of the medical people were crying.  I told him that it was because the child had died and he told me that she hadn’t really died but the werewolf, which it seems most Haitians believe in, ate the child’s soul and that is why she died.

I started to disagree with him, but I have been here only twenty years and the belief in the child eating werewolf has been here for hundreds of years.  And so I didn’t say much.

The rest of the day was busy but not crazy busy like the day before.

My thoughts are turning toward the long term care that we will be giving to a number of patients and to other things.  Things such as how will we help those who have lost homes, possessions and for some family.

Yesterday  a mother that I have known for several years came to see me with five of her children.  She had lost two children, killed by falling walls during the earthquake, and now she and her children are on the street.  They do not even have clothes to wear, other than what is on their bodies.

This morning at 6:10 a mother came to me whose child we had adopted into the States.  She, in tears, said that if her son calls to tell him that she has lost her house but she is alive and sleeping on the street and that God spared her life.

I look at our faithful nannies who are still coming to work and I wonder what they may have lost.  I have yet to sit and ask them, but I will do so soon.

I will be working and praying with the board of Heartline Ministries to discover how we can best help those that God has entrusted to us.

You can help by praying and by giving.  We will be working on giving you the opportunity to sponsor a family for one year, who may have lost everything in the earthquake.  This will help put shelter over their heads and food on their table and to help them start to rebuild their lives.  WOW, that seems like that will cost a lot. You would be surprised at how little this will cost.  Stay with us and over the next 7-10 days check in daily as we look to God for His plan and direction for Heartline to glorify Him by helping others.

In the meantime you can help with our ongoing expenses of getting supplies to Haiti and of caring for the injured by clicking here and following the link to donate.

Thank you from the top of my heart,

John McHoul

  1. Lisa says:

    Please share this anthem of Hope with your readers and anyone you think may be helped or inspired to give.

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