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 4:35 AM


Heartline is not a large organization and yet we
have received hundreds if not thousands of requests from people that want to
come and help.  This runs from
medical, to construction, to grunt work, to childcare, to whatever we
need.  People have been amazing.

The outpouring of encouraging e-mails has been
amazing and humbling.

The generosity of those that have given has
amazed and humbled us.

The on-ground Heartline people are amazing (I
seem to be using the word “amazing” a lot) and endeavoring to love, serve, and obey

The US based Heartline Board is super amazing.

The US volunteers have been incredible.

The care of friends in the US military who come
to visit us with supplies and good words has been helpful and humbling.

The cooperation among so many of the
missionaries is special.

Heartline has a lot of friends, old and new.

The Brothers of Charity with whom we have
developed a working relationship makes me feel small by their commitment and

The Haitian people are incredibly resilient.

The generosity of those that are making their
planes and jets available to fly volunteers and supplies into Haiti and the
volunteers out at no charge is wonderful.

So many churches have taken offerings and
offered to send groups.

It is difficult to comprehend and describe the
damage and destruction that has occurred in this country.

The group truck, which we have had less than two
months, has been a blessing as we daily are using it to go into the slums areas
to bring in patients and also making a couple of trips to bring people back
home.  We today also will use it to
pick up about 15 people and supplies that are coming in. To those that helped
us get it, we did not know and neither did you that it would be used for such
work.  Thank you for helping us
purchase this vehicle.





have been using an apple app called ‘Spending’
which I downloaded into my iphone. 
I started with the freebie app called ‘Spending Lite’ but after a few days I downloaded ‘Spending’ which cost $2.99.  It may be the best $2.99 I have ever
spent, as it is helping me keep an accurate record of money received and money

it may not have been good for Tom White, our bean counters, as I think he came
close to fainting or falling off his chair when he started to receive nightly
reports, which I export to him.







John and Beth McHoul,


name is Trish Buxman. My husband Ron, is Don’s brother in Loveland, CO. 


children go to a private school, Resurrection Christian School (RCS).  RCS
is big on encouraging children to have a servant’s heart.


my reason for sending this email is to let you know that RCS held a fund raiser
to benefit the Haitian people. Earlier this week my husband was contacted
and our student counsel chose your ministry (Heartline Ministries), to
help during this time of need.


RCS the students are not allowed to wear hats during school hours. But
today an exception was made, and they could pay five dollars or more to
wear a hat of their choice all day long. The school called it
"HAT’S FOR HAITI". I just talked with the office and they told
me they still had to get the numbers in from the elementary department,
but aside from that, they had well over $4000.00. God is so good!!!!!!


children of RCS extend their compassion in their giving to the Haitians that
you are caring for during this crisis. We are certain the need for medical
supplies, fuel, food, etc., are great so please accept this gift of
love to help the people of Haiti.


Monday the school will cut the check and send it to the Washington address from
your email site.


you have any question please contact me.


the Lord bless you both abundantly,


& Ron Buxman

Heartline has been blessed with an abundance of supplies as they just seems to keep on coming. 


 Today our sewing ladies started to sew for the first time since the earthquake on January 12th.  They refused to work in the house on even on the upstairs porch.  So we set the sewing machines up in a neighbor’s yard and put a tarp over the area so the ladies will out of the hot sun.  If you haven’t already, check out the homemade in Haiti purses that the ladies make by clicking here.


This afternoon we had a new group of volunteers come all loaded up with hope and supplies.  They are seen in the photo above pulling in front of the clinic.  We are so thankful for all that come and give of themselves.

6:32 PM

We about 45 minutes ago had a group of 18 come in on the group truck.  This group had much of what we have been seeing: open wounds, infected wounds, swollen limbs, and malnutrition.  The rooms are busy as the health care professionals move quickly to get medicines and treat their patients.  There is some crying as a couple of the children have infected wounds that must be cleaned out and re-bandaged.

Please pray for these volunteers as they over the next several days will work tirelessly to bring healing and health to those who have been injured as a result of the earthquake.

The above four pictures are some of what we are seeing with this late arriving group.

Please pray and please help us continue to reach into the inner city in search of the hurting, injured, and forgotten.

Please click here to donate.

John McHoul







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