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Untold thousands of Haitians have fled the cities for the
villages, where there are very few buildings that could fall or collapse.


Untold thousands of those who have visas have left for other
countries, especially for the Dominican Republic, the United States, Canada,
and France.


Not all, in fact, probably not most of those in tent cities
or sleeping on the streets have lost their homes due to the earthquake.  Clearly some have lost their homes and
for some their homes have been extensively damage.  But for many their homes have sustained relatively small
damage and for many there has been no damage at all.  Many people are simply afraid to sleep inside or to spend
prolonged time inside a building. 
So they will sleep outside in their yards or other places. And some will
move to a tent city, where they bring their own material and plastic to erect
their own tent.


If the earthquake had occurred at 3:00 or 4:00 instead of
5:00 the death toll would be significantly higher due to the majority of
schools still being in session and many businesses would still have been


Many of the multistoried buildings that collapsed still may
have corpses that have yet to be extracted. 


It may not be an overstatement to estimate that 200 thousand
plus people died in this tragedy and that hundred if not thousands have had limbs amputated.


Businesses are starting to reopen and I have read that the
garment industry is starting to sew again.


The cell phone companies in Haiti have been doubling the
face value of the prepaid card that a customer purchases.  So if I buy a card for 300 gourdes  (7.69 US) then they would double amount
to 600 gourdes for the 300 gourde price. 
This has been very helpful.


More and more of the international aid is getting out there.


Heartline has never before done what we are now doing in
this time of emergency.  We have
had perhaps 2000 requests from medical and non-medical people to come and help
us.  It has been hard to coordinate
this and we at times have done well and at other times, not so well.  EVERYONE who is working in coordinating
our efforts here are volunteers and we value and appreciate them.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND


I on January 15th had an appointment with the
owner of the house that we have rented for 12 years.  We had the earthquake on the 12th and I have been
too busy to give much thought to meeting with her and I presumed that she as
well has been too busy to meet with me as she is a doctor and her services
would very much be needed.

Today her daughter called me to come and look at the house
to see what damage it sustained because of the earthquake.  While we had a lot of dishes and glass
things break as they fell on the ceramic floor, it was only our wall in the
front and the back that was damaged and not the house.

I asked her about her mother and she paused for a moment and
said that she had been killed as the house that she lived in fell down on
her.  I expressed my condolences
and she simply said that, “such is life,” and she made an appointment to come
see me tomorrow.


Daily there is talk on the radio about another BIG
earthquake that will hit us.  This
keeps the people on edge and certainly not willing anytime soon to live in
their homes.


Heartline is doing its best to make a difference here.  Click here to donate and help us make a


John McHoul

Living in Port au Prince, Haiti since 1989













  1. John says:

    John, Truly you are being the Hands Of God to Haiti. Of course, money is needed but to extend a hand, give a hug, hold a frightened soul, feed a starving child and help heal the broken? This is what Jesus did and continues to do through those who will. This is giving life! "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

  2. John says:

    Honestly, we feel that we are just plodding along, doing the best that we can.

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