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The Heartline Sewing Ladies are at it as never before as today they turned out 28 handmade purses.

They of course will not sew inside the house and are still sewing outside in a neighbor’s yard under a tarp that we have set up for them.

Pictured above are 5 of the purses that they made today and we, on Wednesday, will ship them along with others to the States where you can check them out at HANDMADE IN HAITI PURSES
Our Heartline ladies are working as they have children and families to care for.  Support them by buying one of their beautiful purses.


It seems that the field/hospital is growing especially at night when family members come to visit the patients and then seem to forget to leave.


It seems as if daily I hear of people that I knew who died in the rubble of a collapsed building.  Each time I hear of someone that I had known who had been killed I feel shocked and in disbelief.  So many have lost their lives, so many have been injured, so many have lost homes and businesses.  So many need our help and prayers. 
Click here to help Heartline help the people of Haiti.

John McHoul
Living in Haiti since 1989
  1. Ray and Kim says:

    John it\’s Kim Siewert PA, thanks for the post. I bought one of the purses while I was there to use as my medical supply bag on the bus going into the tent cities. It was perfect for that purpose. The purse is extremely well made and durable. I loved it there and will love back here in florida. I thought you could pass on a message to the sewing ladies. All Christian missionaries carry their bibles and bible covers by the Haitian creation sewing crew would be a big hit for all the missionaries there and at home. Also baby slings are easy to make and loved by moms with little ones. I have a picture of me with it on I will try to get it to you.

  2. John says:

    Kim,I let Marjorie read the message and said that after we catch up with the 1000 or so purses wanted through Haitian Creations, we can start making Bible covers.

  3. James says:

    John,James Schwartz here, and I am beginning to plan my return trip to Haiti, I am wondering if you still have a need for my skills and expertise, I can not find your email, so maybe you could email me with some info so we could talk: james.spdx@hotmail.comThanks John for your wonderful work and unending spirit, I look forward to hearing from you and working with you again. God Bless you all and congrats on the delivery of that cute little baby.

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