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Somehow Troy stumbled upon this couple.  A full term pregnant wife, a supportive
dad, mom having pains, worried dad and no where to go.  Troy brought them to our field
hospital.  They were so cute.  We need cute around here since we deal
with a lot of pain, a lot of injury, a lot of loss.

Jonna and I checked out mom and it seemed she was not in
labor, baby was high, not ready for delivery.  We went home to bed thinking it would be some days before
the birth. 

The next morning the hospital staff told us she had been
vomiting at night and was having pains. 
We took her to the clinic and carved out a space up in what used to be
our birth room before the earthquake. 
Sure enough, labor had started. 
Dad was so happy, mom quietly labored and both seemed to find strength
in us and in the Lord.  It was
lovely.   A first baby at age
30 is unusual in Haiti.  A married
couple can be unusual in our program. 
A supportive dad is unusual.    Where did such a couple come from?  We were glad they found us!

Dad asked me during the labor if the baby would be cold
since they were living outside.  We
eventually learned that their house is intact but has many cracks.  Fear is widespread among Haitians and many are living outside whether they have a house or not.  They fear another big earthquake.  So many aftershocks don’t help calm
this fear.  Rumor and superstition
are rampant.  Getting people to go
back inside is not likely to happen in the near future.

Our birth team gathered and we got ready for mom to
deliver.  We’ve done several births
together and with so many leaving this would be the last one we as a team would
do for a while.  Tara, Joanna,
Vivien, Paige, myself, Jonna and other support people gathered, coached, helped
and prayed.

Baby came easily.   With Jonna by my side I was given the privilege of
“catching” this little girl named Dovencia.  We all wept, prayed and praised.  The couple did as well.  They raised their arms in worship. 

This couple needed us and found us.  We needed them.  This birth was a symbol of hope and joy
and a new Haiti.  This baby
reminded us that normal life still happens and babies are born and life goes

It could not have been a more perfect birth!   We see God’s hand and we praise

Beth McHoul

This happen a few days ago and yesterday afternoon the mom and father and baby left our field hospital with a tent, tarp and some money so they would not have to sleep outside with no covering and a bit of money to help with daily needs.

Beth last night did not come home as she, Lisa Hojara, John the back up doctor (don’t worry it’s not me), and others stayed the night as another child was born at our women’s center.

Births continue and so does the Heartline Women’s Program.  Help us to help these women by clicking here to make a donation.

John McHoul

  1. Marva says:

    It is such a joy to hear of this in all the devastation new life begins. We continue to pray for your strength and continued efforts helping the people.

  2. Unknown says:

    Out of chaos – order. Only by the hand of the Almighty Creator.Luv ya!Chris P.

  3. Chris says:

    Oh, hallelujah! We are so glad you are posting this wonderful tale of joy in the midst of suffering. Thank you, thank you! May God keep you all in the palm of His hand, as He has kept you all these days. Our blog is doing a fundraiser for you this weekend. For every comment we get about simple blessings we enjoy, we will donate $2 to Heartline. The blog address is

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