Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
Although I was in my house at the time of the earthquake, besides some walls falling down, some pretty good size cracks  and a bunch of stuff falling onto the ceramic floors and breaking we sustained very little damage at the several houses that are part of Heartline and its people. 
Beth sent me the following link EARTHQUAKE PICTURES that is a gallery of some up close and personal photos.  Even though I have been to some of the worst hit areas, I felt surprise and sadness as I look through this gallery.  It doesn’t seem possible that the earth shaking for about 60 seconds could cause such destruction and chaos.  At 250 thousand deaths, it averages at 4,167 deaths a second.  And it is quite possible that the death rate could even be  higher.
Please pray for the people of Haiti as so many have been impacted by this tragedy.


Two of our medical people building from scratch some type of board that they could strap a young boy to who can’t seem to sit or stand up so that he can change psoitions from just lying down

Beth’s car being used as an ambulance in transporting patients to another hospital where they will get skin grafts.

Kevin with one of the patients

Just in the past hour, I have had 18 people come to our clinic looking for food, tents, tarps, water, and medicines.  One doctor gave me a list 27 medicines that he needs to help people in his area.  Heartline is doing and giving what it can.  Your help, helps us help others, who then help others.
Click here to donate and help us help others that are helping others.

John McHoul

  1. Chris says:

    May the merciful Lord continue to give you all a supernatural strength and the grace you need to do the work He has place before you to be done. Nothing is too difficult for Him to do. Every morning may you mount up on wings like eagles, and be refreshed in the night. We\’re praying for you. Raised $600 this weekend for Heartline just by a simple blogging challenge. Will send the checks today.Love from Chris and Joe Alba

  2. James says:

    John,Did you receive my email? Are you able to view comments to the blog here?? It appears that you can but it may be sketchy from day to day. Well I am trying to plan my return to Haiti and wondering what your needs are, supplies, personel??? If you would like me to work with Shelley or Bob, I am happy to do that. What advice can you offer?? Again you can contact me here or via email Thanks John, again you are doing fantastic work, keep the Lord close to your heart and he will lighten the load. God bless you all on the ground doing such wonderful work. Cant wait to hear from you!!

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