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  • By and large people are still afraid to sleep indoors and for some to spend much time indoors.  Although I haven’t heard it lately, some of the radio stations here were telling people that another major earthquake was coming and so they should sleep outside. People listened.
  • Yesterday we had two babies born at the clinic, one at about midnight.
  • Please pray as we endeavor to have our remaining 5 children leave for the States.  It is getting increasingly difficult to get into the U.S. Consulate to see a consular officer.
  • Today in our area there were several crews of what looked like just regular people (not official looking people with uniforms) sweeping the streets and picking up the trash.
  • Today we started working on the walls at my house that fell during the January 12th earthquake.
  • This week the Heartline Sewing Ladies will send about 70 more purses to the States to be made available on the Haitian Creations Website.
  • This may sound kind of screwy, but yesterday we discharged two patients from our hospital.  They didn’t want to go as they have been getting loving, quality medical care; they have been fed three times a day and have been in a cheerful, secure place.  One of the patients demanded to see a doctor because she didn’t want to go.  I kind of felt sad for them as I realized that what they would be returning to was not as nice as our rapidly put together but evolving field hospital.
  • I apologize for turning you on to the QUAKE SHIRT website only to discover that the shirts had been sold out.  I would give you mine, but I didn’t get one either.  THE GOOD NEWS is that there will be another run of QUAKE SHIRTS, so click here to sign up to get your QUAKE SHIRT.  100 % of the proceeds go to help Heartline on the ground here in Haiti.
  • And you also can order a BRACELET FOR HAITI bracelet with all money raised going to Heartline Ministries.  Click here to order your bracelet.
  • We are thankful for the organizations that have come to Haiti to assist.  Heartline was already here and has been here since 1989.  When you support Heartline, you support a ministry that has been on the ground, in the trenches and on the front line for 20 years.  Your ongoing support is important as we continue to care for the injured.  Click here to donate.


I arrived at the clinic to find a very pregnant lady making groaning noises and lifting up her hands. She hung in there until about midnight and then she at the clinic had her baby. 

This little one was born at the clinic prematurely to a 15 year old mother.  The child weighs a little more than two pound.

This young boy is feeling better as he is being zoomed around the yard by his friend

Here is one of my friends at the hospital.  When his mother brings him special food he makes sure to find me and he shares his food with me

Support Heartline as we are endeavor to be the hands of Christ in Haiti.  Click here to donate.

John McHoul


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