Posted: February 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
It was Wednesday afternoon and Don Buxman, who is doing most of the inner city pick up of patient in the group truck called me and said that he was coming in and that he had two gunshot victims on the truck along with the regular follow-up folks.  I was at a hospital picking up a patient who was being transferred to our Heartline Field Hospital and when I finally arrived the two gunshot victims who had both been shot in the legs were on the table being treated.  The wounds were all in all not that serious I was told.  The man still had the bullet in his leg and the woman who was shot had the bullet go in one side of her foot and out the other side.  Such is life at the Heartline Field Hospital.

We, last night, had a hard rain and when I got to the hospital this morning most of the people who had been outside quickly, if it can be called quickly, as most of those at the hospital have casts and some can’t walk moved inside to get out of the rain.  Now these are people who are sleeping outside because of being afraid that an aftershock may make the house collapse.  The Haitians who do not like being in the rain and moved inside regardless of their fear of the house collapsing on them.  So this morning we put up more tarps to keep the people from getting wet if it rains.

Today was the first day that I have seen mass anger as thousands protested and blocked streets and made it almost impossible for us to get around due to getting wet in last night’s rain.  The people in real tents did ok, but the majority in nothing more that a shelter made of sheets got wet, very wet.  And they started the day angry.  Angry at the Haitian President and government.  Angry that they don’t have tents and that they got wet.  Just angry!

We have lots to do tomorrow and so I hope that it doesn’t rain tonight.

Well it is always a tad sad when a group of volunteers leave as they did today but we are glad to have a new group fresh off the plane.  We have had an amazing group of people that have enabled the Heartline Field Hospital to be a place of love, security, and loving care.

John McHoul







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