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It has been one month today since the earth shook here in Haiti and over 250 thousand people died and hundreds of thousands were injured.  There has been call to prayer and fasting for today and for the next two days.  Today our former boys’ home which is now our field hospital has become a place where well over 100 people met for several hours beginning at daybreak to sing, pray, and fast.  It was wonderful to see and to be there.  The doctors and nurses still had their jobs to do and between prayers and songs they treated the injured.

IMG_1884 IMG_1882 IMG_1891

IMG_1881 IMG_1883

We set up a portable sound system and a couple of keyboard players showed up and we had church,

I, for some reason, just felt weary today as it has been a whole month and we are still seeing people with terrible injuries and still going steady from early morning to the evening and receiving more people to our hospital.  We have developed a relationship with the Miami Hospital set up in tents at the Port au Prince airport and the U.S. based Comfort  Ship and a British medical group called Merlin where we transport patients back and forth.  Yesterday some of the Merlin guys were with us for a few hours checking on their patients and when I drove them back to their hotel, they several times mentioned what a good job we are doing and how our medical people are top notch. 

I continue to feel that we are just plodding along and I think of the quote by Abraham Lincoln:

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”



  1. Nancy says:

    I\’ll be praying with you here in Minnesota. Blessings to you all.

  2. Chris says:

    Here in California, we pray against your flagging energy and ask God to sustain you all, as He has done for a month straight. Strengthen our feeble knees, Lord! Thank you, God, for providing new workers for the field! May they work in perfect peace, your wonders to perform. We have seen Your mighty arm moving. Keep us moving too!We still have your back, John and Beth and all who keep Heartline going. This week we sent of over $300 just from our little fundraiser for you. A matching anonymous donor is sending in hers, too. Drops in the bucket, but still, drops in the bucket.Chris and Joe

  3. Brenda says:

    Alisha,we are blessed to have such a daughter as you. God gave you a wonderful ability to grasp things educationally, and the heart to share your knowledge and skills in your chosen field. We keep the people of Haiti in our prayers, and we pray that God continues to give you the strength and direction from him each day that you need.I know I\’ve said this a hundred times, please be careful and STERILE.Love and Prayers,Mom and Dad

  4. James says:

    John,James Schwartz here, still trying to reach you, contact me via email if you can james.spdx@hotmail.com, trying to arrange my return. God Bless you all and the work you are doing I cant wait to return and continue to help the people of Haiti.Godspeed my friends!!!

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