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We continue to be quite busy in making the Heartline field
hospital a place of healing, hope, support, and community.  Twice a day it is also a church, as a
local pastor, whose daughter is in the hospital comes and holds services.  The patients and workers eagerly
respond to the spiritual nourishment.


We it would seem should be receiving fewer patients, but the
opposite is true as we work with other organizations to take in some of their
patients for aftercare.  We are
busy transporting people back to and from various hospitals and praise God,
some to their homes.  We recently
put the call out for more cots to facilitate our growing patient population.


We recently received a patient from the Comfort Ship that
lives at least three hours from our place, but we today or tomorrow will
transport her back home.  It is a
privilege to do so.


Yesterday, I went to our local doctor with a young boy who
our docs wanted to have a TB test. 
When I entered the office, the doc’s wife greeted me, but she was
crying.  I asked her if she was
okay and she told me that her son, has a school in the northern town of Cap
Haitian and yesterday the school fell and some students were killed: Four
killed, three injured in school collapse in Haiti




We over
the next couple of days will move the clinic that has been at the Women’s
Center to the field hospital, which was the Boys’ Home.  Just moving the pharmacy will be
involve several pick up truckloads.

We plan
on reopening the Heartline Sewing School on March 1st.    The Heartline Sewing Ladies
have now been sewing for a couple of weeks but they refuse to sew inside as
they are fearful that another earthquake is coming or that strong aftershocks
will cause the building to fall. 
Someone has called the fear tom be inside the new boogeyman in Haiti.

continue to have medical and support people coming in and out of Haiti and
expect to keep the field hospital open for several more weeks.  Your financial support helps us to
daily care for, feed, and meet the immediate needs of the patients in our field
hospital and to pay the several additions Haitians workers that we have hired to help.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

I, Sunday
night, during our time of worship, thanked those who have come to volunteer.  I thanked them, though hundreds of miles away when the earth shook in Haiti on January 12
th, hearing
the cries of the injured and responding with hearts of service to touch
lives.  We are so thankful to God
for them.





We since February 4th have had a
young boy at our hospital named Edisen. 
This 8 year old boy came to us from another hospital, but he came with
no information, such as address, name of parents, etc.  So yesterday Lisa Hojara with Renald
and Ryan took Edisen to a local TV station and they put him on TV and asked if
anyone recognized him.  Well today
a man showed up who said that he was Edisen’s father and when Edisen saw this
man he broke into a giant smile.  A
father had found his son.  Today
they left together for their home.



TODAY is way busy at the hospital and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  We have about 35 on site people between the Haitian helpers and the American volunteers that have come in and who are keeping busy at the field hospital.  

I got my earthquake shirt and you can get your by clicking here.  I am waiting for my Haiti bracelets which you as well can get by clicking here.

John McHoul

  1. Sherri says:

    I hope you are getting a good supply of diet cokes and whoppers coz you definitely need to keep your strength up! You guys have a lot going on!Prayers and Blessings!

  2. Unknown says:

    Your bracelets are on their way, with extras to distribute to your hard working helpers! We\’re praying for you & doing all we can to support you!

  3. Lisa says:

    So glad Edisen found his family! We got our quake shirts today too and plan to wear them Sunday when Brian gives a presentation at our church about his time in Haiti with Heartline. Lisa Sonneman

  4. Nancy says:

    Cool story about Edisen, God is SOOOO good! Re: the school collapse in Cap Haitien: The nonprofit I work for in St. Paul, MN, Compatible Technology International, has a volunteer in Cap Haitien who "happened" to be in a car with a medical team that got the call when the school collapsed. Our volunteer "happens" to be an EMT so he was so in the right place at the right time. He is in Haiti with our food grinders, giving them to folks in the north part so they can grind their corn, millet, peanuts, etc. and help feed those who live there and who fled Port au Prince. He\’s already finding out that nothing in Haiti is what one expects. Thank you guys for all you are doing.

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