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Marie Anna lost on the day that the earth shook, her son, her father, her lower leg and her house

She says, " On the day of the earthquake I was on the street selling sandals when a cement block that broke off of a wall fell onto my foot.  My sister took me to a hospital which didn’t not give me any treatment. I was able to find another hospital where they had to amputate my leg below the knee.  It was this hospital that took me to Heartline to recover.

During the earthquake, my house collapsed and killed my father and my son who were inside.  My daughter was not hurt."

Yesterday I drove Marie Anna downtown where she will be staying with a cousin since her house has been destroyed.  She repeatedly talked about getting a prosthetic foot and how important that was and how she had to have one or she wouldn’t be able to walk.  I assured her that we would work to see that she did get the prosthesis and that we wouldn’t forget her and that she should come back in two weeks to see us.

The place that she is now living is difficult to get to with two feet never mind with one foot and crutches.  To get an idea of how difficult it can be in Haiti for the amputees read: HAITI: WHAT TO DO WITH A NATION OF AMPUTEES
Please pray for Marie Anna as she works through the loss of her son, her father, her lower leg, and her home.

A few years ago someone in the States sent us money to see if we could help a young boy get a prosthetic arm.  So we located a place and took him to be measured for the arm.  It was about a year later that the place called and said that the arm was now ready.  We, of course, had been there about 10 times during the year trying to get the arm.  So finally we were told that the arm was ready and that we could bring the boy in to be fitted for the arm.  Well the arm didn’t fit and we had to order and pay for another one.  This one only took a few months and he went with his mom to be fitted for the arm.   I told the mom to call me when they got home, which she did.  I wanted to see the prosthetic arm and to see how the boy liked it.  So I get to their house and I see a brown arm and a white hand. I was shocked to say the least and had my assistant go to the place to tell that it was not acceptable and that it had to be redone.  They said that they would color the hand so that it was the same color as the arm and not white and that it would only take a week.  So they left the arm and a week later went back to get it.  They took a brown magic marker and colored the arm with it.  It kind of looked like the work of a young child.  But by this time we figured that we didn’t want to wait so long and have to order and pay for another arm.   It was so uncomfortable, that the boy wore it for about a month and then it went under his bed.

Please pray for those who have suffered such loss, the hurt is so much more than just physical.

Please pray for and support Heartline as we minister to people such as Marie Anna.  Click here to donate.


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