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Johanne a patient at our field hospital is 24 years old and she tells this story:

"I was walking along the street with my four year old daughter when the earth shook.  We ran quickly but a wall fell on both of us.  Both of my legs were fractured and some people brought me to a hospital but there were many, many people there and they did not help me.  I was taken to another hospital from where I was sent to the Comfort Ship where my legs were operated on.  It was from there that I came to Heartline several days ago.  I am still in very much pain but I am getting better.
I was told that my daughter was taken to another hospital but three days ago my cousins came to see me and told me that my daughter had died when the wall fell on us.  I cried and cried for much time as people in the hospital tried to comfort me.  I am still very sad."

LAST NIGHT after our own church service, I went to the service held at the field hospital.  It is always a service with lively singing and preaching.  Near the end of the service four people went and carried Johanne to the center of the yard and placed her on a chair with her legs placed on another chair.  She said that she had wandered away from God and now, at this moment wanted to surrender her life back to God.  She prayed, I prayed, the pastor prayed and the people prayed and then everyone rejoiced.  It was good to see this young lady find comfort in God and to see her come to him with her grief.

Please pray for Johanne and please help Heartline continue to touch such live by clicking here to donate.

John McHoul


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