Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
  • We have not had city electricity since January 12th, the day of the earthquake.
  • Three of our remaining five children left last night for their new homes in the States.  We now have two children remaining with us.  Please pray that they are able to travel soon.
  • Rained last night
  • Will this week finally order the ambulance/multipurpose vehicle that the Heartline Runners raised money for when they ran in the 2010 Disney Marathon.  It will take four months to actually get as there are none in stock.
  • We still have medicines in Haitian customs that were taken by customs.  They are asking a steep tax for us to get them out.  One box in particular had to be refrigerated.
  • Dr. Jen, Tara, and Beth yesterday spent several hours on the USNS COMFORT.  Check out the COMFORT SHIP by clicking here.
  • We expect the Heartline field hospital to be open for several more weeks in caring for those that are recovering.  We have quite a community going on and God is touching lives through Heartline.
  • One of our recent arrivals off of the USNS Comfort is a little boy that has  quite a bit of facial damage due to his house collapsing during the earth quake.  I spent some time talking to his mother who told me that she had 5 children and 3 died when their house fell.
  •  HEARTLINE is in this for the LONG HAUL and was already in Haiti for 20 years when the earth shook on January 12th.  Your support allows us to be care for and minister to those that are STILL suffering due to the earth quake.  CLICK HERE TO HELP HEARTLINE HELP OTHERS.

John McHoul
Living in Haiti since 1989

  1. Chris says:

    We are asking the Lord to release the medicines and supplies, for world outrage to bring the customs fiasco to an end, for the poor people living in tent cities whose strength is being tested with the rain, and for the remaining children. We thank the Lord for sustaining you and providing for your needs. We praise him for the lives you have touched. We remain your prayer supporters. Chris and Joe Alba, California

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