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I overheard a couple of ladies talking the other day about their effort to get donated food that was being given out by one of the large humanitarian organizations.  One said to the other, " I and others got some food and after we pushed through the crowd to go home young men with guns took our food."  This is an all too common story, especially in the tent city places.

One of our sewing ladies who is still sleeping outside in a tent told us that she will continue to sleep outside until the President of Haiti announces that people can now sleep inside.

Said by a patient at the field hospital, who is well enough to go home, to Beth, "They’re making me go home, I want to stay."


Lost in the ruins: Haiti’s best and brightest

Thought Provoking Article on Haiti

Order Your Haiti Bracelet

Hand Made in Haiti Purses

Pictured above is one of our patients getting her cast removed by the folks at Merlin by a retired British doctor who responded to the cries of the injured and came to Haiti.  Whatever I expected a retired British doctor to be like, he is it. The folks at Merlin are top notch.

Some of the kids at the field hospital being taught English phrases such as:

One of our patients

The Heartline sewing and crochet classes are in progress but not yet inside the house as the ladies are afraid to be inside.  We hope to have the ladies back inside by the end of this month.

The field hospital continues to provide loving care to the patients that the Lord entrusts to us.  Thank you for your prayers and financial help that enables us to continue on.  Please click here to donate.

  1. Kim says:

    John IS a good man!

  2. John says:

    The workers say it a lot better when it is close to pay day.

  3. PLK says:

    the photo I was looking for….I love sewing and going to do a giveaway on my blog. But the real reason I am commenting is that I have commited to sewing something (an apron) to sell with the proceeds going to Haiti. One sale will go to Doctors without Borders as I aready committed to do that. Then I found Heartline Ministries (via the Livesays, via Pink Chalk Fabrics–you know how blog surfing works). And the sale of the other apron will go to Heartline. The 3rd apron is just given away on my 2nd anniversary of blogging. i will be linking you and/the Livesays and the Heartline website on my post if that is ok. Even tho the donation will be quite small, I am really hoping that it will be just the first one.

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