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It has been several days since I have written a blog.  The reason is not because I have nothing to write about as much as after being out and busy for 14 to 16 hours and then arriving at home, I simply am tired and don’t seem to muster up the energy to open the computer and write a blog. 

I last week forgot to write that we are now getting city electricity about 10 hours a day which means that we are burning much less diesel.

Yesterday I was visited by a young man that I hadn’t seen for perhaps 10 years.  I had for some years served on a school board with his father who was a pastor and a humble guy.  The young man told me that last Friday when his father was pulling into his yard, men with guns stopped him and his wife and took the man inside and shot him dead.  They then robbed the house.  I felt sad and Haiti loses when good people are shot by stupid people.

We at the field hospital continue to be busy caring for those that are recovering and still have new people to us coming for care.  Even as I write, Beth and a midwife or two are doing their thing with a woman who is in labor with her first child.  They’ve been at it since early this morning but I haven’t heard any loud nosies coming from upstairs at the women’s center when the baby delivery thing happens.

We have started looking at land a bit outside of the city and will look at a couple of more pieces tomorrow.

We have a group from Foothills Church in Arvada, Colorado that are doing a super job of working and repairing stuff and encouraging us  as we look to God for His plan for Heartline.

The Lord has been so gracious in giving Heartline favor with so many who have had made donations to help us help others.  IT IS AMAZING.

It seems that so little has really been done to help the victims of the earthquake.  The rainy season is almost upon us and so many of the tent cities are simply sheets joined together to make a covering.  Such tents will not hold back the hard rain that is to come.

I have a Haitian friend that years ago told me  that Haiti’s number one problem is a lack of social consciousness.  I think of this every time the government or a government official makes a decision that keeps aid and help from the injured and homeless and makes it more difficult for humanitarian help to get to the people.

I very much enjoy the evening Haitian church service at the field hospital.

Sheila Lynch sent me the following e-mail:

John (a.k.a the quote guy)

Heard this last night and thought of you…..

Anderson Cooper was doing an interview and asked Father Boyle

"Do you ever feel taken advantage of?

He simply said, I give my advantage away.

The whole interview was really good – this guy works with the gangs in L.A.

Grace – Sheila

We really do need your continuing donations.  Please click here to donate.



  1. Bryan says:

    If you\’re going to Haiti PLEASE take 100 pounds (2-50 lbs. duffle bags) red licorice ("Twizzlers") to John McHoul. If I called John at 3 in morning and told him I was broke down/needed help 5 hours north of Port au Prince, he would come. Its true, like the kids in children\’s home say "John is a good man". I\’d mail some licorice. but afraid hungry custom officials would eat it before John paid an exorbitant price to get it out of Duane. Blessings on John/Beth and saints of Heartline. Love you guys.

  2. Jesse says:

    John, Thanks for the update — so good to hear about the electricity — I am saddened to hear about your friend. I am sorry. You guys are in my prayers daily.

  3. John says:

    Love ya Bryan

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