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Posted: April 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
Alicide Joseph, the Haitian Ambassador to the  United States was bemoaning the fact that over two billion dollars has been collected through relief efforts and only 10 million has been given to the Haitian government,  He says,

"There has to be some accounting for all the money that has been
given for Haiti," said Joseph, who believes the Haitian government can
now be trusted after years of maintaining a stigma of corruption and
little transparency. He says the nation has been forgiven for millions
of dollars of debt, and they need to control money that can be used for
much-needed infrastructure reshaping.

"So I’m telling the international community, time has come to work
with the Haitian government directly that it can get aid to do the work
it needs to be done because NGOs (non-governmental organizations) cannot
build the roads, cannot provide the energy, cannot build the major
water purification system, cannot build the airports either."

He goes on to say, "That  much of the goods being transported to Haiti are being lost
in the shuffle, and encourages donors to send money straight to the
Haitian embassy by visiting http://www.embassyofHaiti.org."

Thoughts by John: 

Maybe Ambassador Joseph was under a voodoo spell when he said this stuff.


I received an e-mail from friends who told us that they have a somewhat large supply of donated frozen breast milk available.  Now I must admit that I have a hard time visualizing how the breast milk gets from the breasts into the little bottles.  I try not to think of the dairy farms that I have been to but I can’t get rid of the thought.  I think that while I have some perhaps bizarre thoughts on how this all works, I will keep them to myself.  At least for the moment.


I thought that we were winding down and I am told that we are but we still have a good amount of patients although we have had several long term patients leave this past week for their home.  The patients that leave are extremely thankful and repeatedly thank us and say stuff like, "God brought me here.  I have no money and had been to other hospitals and they couldn’t help me  but God allowed you to find me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  God thank you."  This is usually accompanied by tears and lots of hugs.  God has really used our field hospital to touch lives.


Beth and Jonna among all the other things that they do have delivered three babies in 36 hours.


Heartline has rented a six bedroom house in the area and we are working to open the Heartline Guesthouse by May 1st.  It will be a safe, peaceful, and beautiful place for groups that come to make a difference in Haiti. 


Last night it rained pretty hard and tonight it has been raining as well.  Not good for those living in tents of sheets and cloth.


Heartline has a new fund raiser going to help us help some who have lost homes and jobs due to the earthquake.  Check it out by clicking here.   More about that in a future blog.


For the people of Haiti
For the aid workers that have responded to the cries of the injured and displaced
For Heartline as it endeavors to be the hands of Christ in Haiti.

John McHoul
Living in Haiti since 1989

  1. H. says:

    It\’s simple. An expressing female uses a breast pump which collects the milk in a bottle you attach to the pump. Pump milk. Unscrew, cap, and fridge (or freeze). Add a new bottle, repeat process. ;-)Thank you for continuing to share . . . . we continue to pray.

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