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I recently read that the government of Haiti wants less food and healthcare aid to come into Haiti <www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/04/21/eveningnews/main6419171.shtml> because they don’t want the people to be so dependent on foreign aid. It interest me that one of the reasons being mentioned is that with so much free food being made available, the local farmers can’t sell their produce.  I find this rather weak as for years the market places have been filled with rice and beans from the States and other countries and that there was very little Haitian grown rice and beans being sold.  it seems that free enterprise not free food destroyed the local rice and beans industry.

The streets and outdoor markets are loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables grown here in Haiti and not given free through humanitarian aid.  I wonder if it is the people that import rice and beans that are really the ones who are crying.

When I think of healthcare I think of people like the lady pictured left, a Heartline patient, who is holding her new prosthetic leg that was provided for her at no charge to her.  I was pretty impressed by it and thankful that she was able to receive it due to the generosity of others and that the quality of her life will now greatly improve.

This could not have been done at a local hospital, in fact, when we this week brought a patient there we discovered that the doctors were on strike and we had to go to one of those places that are giving free care to those injured in the earthquake.

I wonder why its okay for the government to receive hundreds of millions of dollars a year in aid but not the people directly. 





Please pray as we continue to work to get Amanda to the States for special medical care.  We hope to have a final answer from the Mayo clinic within several days.







Although we have not officially opened the birthing center, this week alone there have been 4 births at the women’s center.  Some of the ladies are in labor for a bunch of hours and pictured left is Joanna who is walking around with one of the ladies in an effort to get things moving.  I’m not sure how many miles she put in before the baby was born.





Although the fuel tanker arrived on Sunday, the gas station are still not open with regular hours.  My truck and Junior’s vehicle are both down due to getting bad fuel with water and probably and other stuff in it.


Thanks for your prayers and support.  You are making a difference!



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