Posted: April 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
A lady came to our women’s program several months ago pregnant.  Her
husband had died and she was raising her two children and found herself
pregnant not planning to be.  She was despondent and decided to abort.
 She came to us and we talked her into carrying the baby with the
promise we would take the child into the adoption program once the baby
was born.  She could come every week for prenatal care and
encouragement.  She was a faithful member of our program until the
earthquake and then we never saw her again.  I figured she had the baby
elsewhere or perhaps even died in the quake.  I thought we might never
know what became of her.  She was a lovely lady attentive to the lessons
of the program and had a gentleness about her.
She arrived today just before class started with a 3 month old baby in
her arms!  She held her baby so lovingly in her arms while she told me
she lost her other two children, boys ages 9 and 11 in the earthquake.
 Crushed under the cement of their classrooms.  She proudly showed me
her little one, the light of her life in a dark time.  The baby she did
not want had become her reason for getting up in the morning.  Her
unwanted baby had become her gift in a time of sorrow.
We will never understand the sorrows the earthquake has brought but we
rejoice in the hope of a life saved.  A life that now brings joy and
peace.  Such joy.


  1. Bryan says:

    ***** this is really good news!

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