Posted: May 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
Today I sat in the back of our church as 18 people gathered there together to have worship practice which by the way has nothing to do with practicing worship and man, the joy of the Lord was thick and delicious.
I, as the pastor guy, didn’t have to be there, but I needed to be there for myself, for those that I lead, for my family, for those that I have yet to meet, and for their children and children’s children. 
It is one of the few times in the week that I feel alone even though I am with quite a few people.  But sitting in the back and some times lying down on the floor or on a bench, I feel alone in God’s presence and God’s pleasure as people lift up their voices and play their instruments to give God pleasure.  I can’t help but believe that the eternal God, the all powerful Father is overjoyed when His children gather together to praise and honor and worship Him. 
I found myself being encouraged and ministered to by these 18, who took time on a Saturday morning to gather together to practice, to sing and play together, to hone their talents, and gifts so that on the next day, Sunday, when they stood before God and several hundred people they would be prepared to lead us in worship into the presence of God.
As they were worshiping I thought of a song that we in our church used to sing rather often, but admittedly it has been some time since we as a local gathering of believers have sung it together.  It is a richly worded profession of how unfathomable God is and how we ourselves are so  completely incapable of grasping, and understanding the infinite God.
The short songs entitled "I Stand in Awe of You" and if you know it, you may want to sing it and then perhaps find yourself standing in His presence.  If you don’t know it, you can simply repeat it several times and as well you may find yourself standing in His presence.  Allow the deep truths of these few scratch the surface of your heart and understanding and will and life so that daily you may make pursuing God your highest goal, your purpose for living.

You are beautiful beyond description

Too marvelous for words

Too wonderful for comprehension

Like nothing ever seen or heard

Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom?

Who can fathom the depth of Your love?

You are beautiful beyond description

Majesty enthroned above 

And I stand, I stand in awe of You

I stand, I stand in awe of You

Holy God, to whom all praise is due

I stand in awe of You.

C.S. Lewis –

"The most valuable thing the Psalms do
for me is to express the same delight in

God which made David

C.S. Lewis –

"It is in the process of being worshiped that
God communicates His presence to men."

Paul E. Billheimer –

"Surely that which occupies the total time and
energies of heaven must be a fitting

pattern for earth."

As the song says, "Come now is the time to worship." 

John McHoul

  1. Unknown says:

    John, I sure miss all of you. I think of you each day and the huge impact you have had on my life and I know you certainly have impacted many others as well. Keep doing your amazing work. I just keep in mind what you always said after the earthquake, "we need to work hard but it is for God\’s glory, this is NOT show business." I think of that often and pray it always keeps me in check. I am excited to see you in mid June! Let me know what I can bring for you. Love from MN! "J"

  2. John says:

    Bring your hands and feet and hope and love and encouragement and faith to see what can be and not just what is.

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