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Amanda pictured above with David, our PT guy from Aruba, is slowly step by step regaining some of that which she had lost when a house fell on her house and severely injured her during the January 12th earthquake.
Yesterday, she called me over to show me how she can now lift her leg that until last week had a external fixator on it.

We are still working on getting Amanda to the Mayo clinic for surgery on her injured left arm and hope to find out soon if this will happen.

It is important that we appreciate the seemingly small victories in life and thank God for them.  A few months back, this young woman could without much thought run and lift her leg with ease; but not now.


A son or daughter for years held captive by substance abuse slowly crawls and scratches to freedom. Rejoice in each small step forward.

You begin ministry to those that are largely unloved and unwanted by the world.  Progress is slow and discouragement easily finds you.  Hold onto the small advances.  See what can be and not just what is.

Recently read this disturbing article (GANGS BECOME FATHER,MOTHER TO HAITI’S FORLORN ORPHANS) about some of the orphans in Cite Soleil.  How can we help?  How can we answer the cries of the orphans? What can we do?

Lena Horne

I’ve read that the Lena Horne the black singer, actress, and activist just died.  She was 92.  I find the following quote from her quite interesting and insightful.

"I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, being black made me understand."

Reading this, I thought of Jesus and how He understands because He became human.

Light a small candle, it will make a difference.


  1. Nancy says:

    John, can you let me know if Amanda does go to Mayo? My husband and I have a farm 20 minutes from Mayo and I would love to visit Amanda. References: Joanna Thiele knows me from Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley and Randy Mortenson knows me from my work at Compatible Technology International in St. Paul. Don\’t want you to think I\’ll do Amanda any harm! My e-mail is I know some French so could at least greet Amanda and offer her a friendly face. Thank you and may God continue to richly bless you and your work!

  2. John says:

    Nancy,Sure thing! Thanks for caring enough to write and offer.

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