Heartline Another Trip Into Cite Soleil

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
This past Monday five of us, Dr. Jen, Judi White (our bean counters’ wife), Junior, his friend P, and I went into  what is called Lower Boston in Haiti’s massive slum Cite Soleil.  This meeting had been set last week after we spent some time in the area, where we have patients from our hospital, and where we walked around asking this question: "Name three things that we can do for your community?"  The answers most given were: 1, Food, 2. Medical Clinic, 3. Schools.

We met in an abandoned clinic with between 20 – 30 men and 1 woman. People would come in and out and so it was hard to keep an exact count of who was there.  The room was hot and a tad dark but other wise it was comfortable.  Benches and chairs had been put in place as they knew that we were coming because we said that we would come.

We had come to talk to some of the community leaders to further explore the possibility of Heartline having a permanent presence in Cite Soleil.
The meeting went well and was by and large pretty low key and the answers were once again: Food, Medical Clinic and Schools.  I at one point asked how many had children and it seems that all in the room raised their hands.  I then asked how many had jobs and not one person raised his hand.  But jobs were not on the list of things needed.

We, once again, were there to gather information; although those that came wanted to know right then what we would do for them.  We, of course, kept saying, "with you not for you."  We did not budge from, "We are here to gather info."


We ended the meeting with me going on my knees and asking those present to pray for me, which they did!

We also want to see what the women have to say, so we have another meeting scheduled for next Monday which will be led by Beth, Dr.Jen and Joanna. 

I, when blogging about this, will not give all the details and tell all that happen and will not share my all of my thoughts as it would not be wise or prudent.


  • The needs are enormous and I, at the meeting, fought feelings of what am I doing here and we can’t do this and wow, this thing is big.
  • Be sure that this is a God thing and not just a good (maybe) idea.
  • These people have heard many promises, been promised much and have been let down often.
  • Go slow and make no promises that we can’t keep.
  • Be careful as Cite Soleil is a dangerous place.
  • Endeavor to be maneuvered by God and not by others with their own agendas.
  • Do not be intimidated.  Hold my ground when it is the right thing.
  • See behind what I am seeing and hearing.
  • Others are working in Cite Soleil and we need only be responsible to the area when we believe God my be leading us.
  • The safest place for us to be is where God has led us.  Just to keep this is perspective, the safest place for Christ was on the cross, because this was the Father’s will.
  • We must have a large support group of churches and believers that stand with us.


John (Who is Seeking God BIG TIME for His Will and Direction)

  1. Bryan says:

    another "thought". working "with" an organization that has already been working in the cite for several (10-20) years (w/food distribution, medical clinics, schools/ in education, etc.)

  2. Nancy says:

    Hey John this is Marion, I am praying for you and what God is calling you too. I feel a tug on my heart for Cite Soleil also. Who knows, maybe someday we"ll work together.

  3. John says:

    Marion,It would be a privilege to work along side you.

  4. John says:

    Bryan,Thanks for the wise words.

  5. H. says:

    Bless you. as you seek and pray and strive to wisely discern the will of the Lord in this matter. What you are sharing blesses us as we hear your hearts. May God guide each footstep, and may He keep you safely in the palm of his hand. I really liked what you shared about the safest place for Jesus Christ being on the cross right then. I\’ve never heard it that way before, but my heart immediately said, "AMEN–that is TRUTH" when I read it.

  6. John says:

    H. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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