Posted: May 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
Our job is about life and occasionally it is about death.  It’s raw.
 Our ministry brings us intimately close to people in times of
vulnerability.  Birth and death sometimes happen almost simultaneously –
the promise of life and then the finality of death.
We delivered baby Norlentz just five days ago.  He was skinny and small
but doing fine and had a very attentive mom.  She came back two days
later for her postpartum check up and all seemed well.  He was breast
feeding and mom sat with our other ladies showing him off.  Norla was a
first time mom, a tad bit older than most and would do a fine job at
raising this little guy.  Dad was not in the day to day picture nor was
her family.
We love Norla, she has been in our program since the quake and Jonna and
I had taken a special interest in her.
Yesterday morning Norla called me saying the baby’s eyes were yellow.  I
instructed her to come right in and see us – she met Dr Jen as she
walked in the door.  He was very sick indeed and our medical staff knew
quickly that we should transport him to the Miami Field Hospital about
two miles away from us.  We did and this very sick five pounder was
worked on by several doctors and nurses who have equipment that we don’t

The call came around 1:30 AM for us to bring mom back since the baby was
losing the battle.  The phone call startled me as all middle of the
night calls do anyone.  My heart pounds when the cell phone goes off –
usually meaning spring out of bed for a birth.  Last night it meant a
death.  Dr Jen and I brought mom back to the hospital where baby died in
her arms.  I was there when he was born, assisting Jonna as she caught
him – I was there when he died assisting mom as she held him.  She asked
us to pray – we did.
Sometimes our medicine is not enough.  Sometimes we lose precious little
ones and we don’t understand why.  It is sad, scary, raw and naked to
see a mom lose a baby that she carried and waited for all these months.
Mom was calm and gracious thanking us for all we did and tried to do.
 She understood what most Haitians already know – that death is common,
we have no answers and we get up and go on.   Norla will remain a part
of our life.
Some losses cannot be prevented, predicted or changed like this one.
 But, many can and that is why we do what we do.  We’ll save many.   Our
program is about life and the many babies that would have died if not
for the prenatal care and education the moms are getting.  Occasionally
we lose.  We have heartbreak and sorrow.  Occasionally we have to enter
into sorrow and death with a woman we love.  Yesterday was one of those
Today Norla will grieve and eventually move on to healing.  We grieve
too but we also heal and sense the presence of God in both the loss and
healing.  He is here.



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